Oni the Lonely Kindle up, Paperback in Review on Amazon

Okay, people, everything is set and the book in both versions is in review in KDP. So it should be available in a few more days!

And the Kindle version is now live here!

Oni the Lonely.

Once the final paperback version’s approved I’ll be able to order author copies, and then I can post signed books up for sale as well. πŸ™‚

I meant to try and get this up days ago, but I was waylaid by a bug going around, drat it all.

(Seriously, I did not want to make final cover decisions while the room was still spinning, you know? And it’s still wobbling a bit, argh.)

With luck, my brain will finally take this as “okay, this is finished” and let me move on to the next thing. I have plans for the next two books. And a couple other rough drafts of different stories that could stand another look to see if I can fix them now. And a few Ideas that want writing down, one of which needs more research.

…And I also need to look for a second job, ’cause the one I have cut hours and I still need to pay bills. Not enough hours in the day….


25 thoughts on “Oni the Lonely Kindle up, Paperback in Review on Amazon

  1. DO NOT READ THE COMMENTS, but– your cover is good enough that the usual “all indie covers are oooooogly” twits at Insty guys instead had to start complaining because it is pretty, instead of (mostly made up descriptions of prior covers based on trad-pub romance novel complaints).

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    1. I pounced on it too fast on the basis of “It’s out!!!!” to look at the cover properly, but now that I do, wow, yeah, that’s gorgeous.

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    2. Thank you! πŸ™‚

      That’s by RLSather on SelfPubBookCovers, if you want to take a look on that site. (You can search by artist as well as genre!) I’ve saved a bunch of the artist’s covers as “Possibles for later stories”.

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  2. Awesome! Looking forward to the paperback–I use Kindle when I have to, but I don’t trust it, and nothing beats a book in the hand.

    And I hope you feel better–and get the extra job (hopefully without too much stress!)–soon!

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    1. I needed to fix the pricing on the paperback – set it at one price, then facepalmed and realized this was a relatively short book, not a goat-gagger of pages like Gateway to Fiction was. Just got the chance to update the price to something better, it’s back in review, should be up in a couple days!

      Edit: And the pricing’s now fixed!


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  3. My goodness, this is good. I mean, you’ve always had good content, but this one is polished to a fine sheen. It goes down like smooooooth. Still reading but really really really enjoying.

    Also, I’ll tell the grocery/bakery folks about the frosting trick. That’s a good one.

    Also, pretty much all the Sam’s Clubs are hiring and shoving hours at people. I’ve heard similar about Walmart. Obviously this will vary by area, but we have more business at my local Sam’s Club than what we know what to do with.

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    1. Thank you! I did a bunch of research to try and get just the setup and story I wanted for Rain and Kyosai. I even have a rough town map sketched out. (Cheated a little, got a good contour map of a real small town with a hot springs and worked from there.)

      I have a couple places I’m going to try, we’ll see what happens. πŸ™‚


  4. > β€œHe seems have a strong root,” Diana said

    Seem to have found an omitted word? When Diana is at Rain’s house post-vandal.

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      1. > He seems TO have a strong root

        Sorry, should have worded better: I think you’re missing a word in that sentence, the ‘to’.

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  5. I read the story and its great but …. I really wish the next book was available now. It seems so short. The setting reminds me of Berkley Springs, West Virginia as that had been a spa. Also I now want to read more about Japanese Fairytales and Monster stories. I have a fair grasp of the Scottish and Scots/Irish traditional tales and monsters and folklore but don’t know anything about Japanese. Add a reading list to the appendix in the next book.

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