13 thoughts on “Oni the Lonely Paperback is up

  1. Yes! When payday rolls around again, definitely picking up a copy, and getting the family the kindle version. I already have my Kindle copy.

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  2. Is Oni the Lonely going to be up on Etsy or Ebay soon?
    I don’t love either of those companies, but I hate them less than I hate Amazon. I would like to order physical copies of several of your books I only have digitally, and am not sure if I should wait until Oni gets put up.

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  3. I have finished the story!

    … and now i wish i had a time-traveling delorean so i could hop a few years to the future and read the next one already… IT’S AN AWESOME STORY!

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      1. *Wry G* I want to thump the universe with a big hammer and say, “back off the Disasters and let me have a clear head to write for a while!”

        Fortunately I’ll still have a roof over my head for the foreseeable future, but man, just when I think I’ve got all the bills nailed down ….

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      2. There were two things in particular that had me in stitches just within the first two chapters.

        First, the “it’s for research purposes, I swear!” folder alluded to on Kyosai’s computer.

        …second, Kyosai thinking about how he’s going to milk the whole “haunted” thing and completely missing *the fact that he just got punk’d by whatever is actually there.*


      3. He’s a guy. Oni or not.

        …And it is at least partly for research. Gotta get those poses right somehow! Yep, this is going to take serious study….

        And yes. Yes, there’s a haint. *Amused* Irongate’s that kind of place.


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