9 thoughts on “Oni Sidestory

  1. Heh, after I finished Oni the Lonely, I went and reread Haint Blue. Still stands on its own, but definitely enriched by knowing who some people are better!

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  2. Unrelated to this (I’ve read the short and am so excited to read the novel! :D), a bit ago I recall you having a post about types of crossovers. I went digging for it recently but couldn’t find it. Am I just not remembering that right or did it wind up in Gateway to Fiction? (Which I also need to get… It’s been a year.)

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    1. That one’s likely in Gateway to Fiction, if you can’t find it under the “crossover” tag on my posts. Had to make posts used at all in the book private so I wouldn’t run into trouble with “oh, this is published elsewhere!”

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      1. Also, since you’ve had a couple posts recently about the terrible state of romance in literature, thought you might appreciate this…

        “And [the modern world’s] despair is this, that it does not really believe that there is any meaning in the universe; therefore it cannot hope to find any romance; it’s romances will have no plots.” – G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy (1908)

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