Lizards and Plants and Mushrooms….

They’re at it again! Anole breeding season, oy….

If I were into wildcrafting mushrooms, the recent rains would make me giddy with glee. They’re everywhere.

But I have no idea if they’re edible or not, so I just take pics and side-eye them suspiciously.

More abandoned caladiums. Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors are thinking. Do they just… have eyes bigger than their available pots, or something?

And here’s a bit where the local marsh comes right up under the shadow of a pine tree. I liked the dappled effect!

10 thoughts on “Lizards and Plants and Mushrooms….

  1. They look like puffballs, and I’ve heard those are edible, but my family also traditionally gives wild mushrooms the side eye.

    Except morels. Which are pretty obvious, and do not have lookalikes in my area. (But there are lookalikes elsewhere.)

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    1. They’re not puffballs, at least not like the ones from the north west– and yes, those are edible, NOT to be confused with good to eat! The smell isn’t bad, it’s just… intense.

      The first time I saw a puffball it looked almost like if someone dropped a chunk of smooth-kneeded dough on the ground and it, well, puffed up. 😀

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  2. Okay… Apparently any puffballs with visible stalks are too tough and yucky to cook, according to the fine print at the Wikipedia article. It’s the kind that are just blobs that are good to eat, and those rarely show up on lawns. And come to think of it, they usually get chewed on by animals before I see them.

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  3. Not sure what kind of mushrooms those are either. Side eying is probably best, lols. Pretty sure there are several harmless looking white capped mushrooms like that that are, if not lethal, not a fun time at all.

    Anoles! I love them, but haven’t really seen very many where we live now, even though I should be seeing more than a few of the little brown/green ones. I think the feral cats eat them.

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