A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Timing

Wen Ning’s head snapped aside, toward the three boulders that sheltered a local trysting nook; a move so inhuman it made Crathach’s own spine throb in sympathy. So why was the man smiling-?

No gathering himself, as a normal man would. No coil of desperate muscles. Just a leap, fast as an arrow’s flight, wreathed in black mist.

Crouching, Wen Ning grabbed granite and heaved.

That… is not possible, Crathach thought, stunned. You’d need a team of Ashkevron warhorses to even shift that weight, much less lift-!

Hefting it as a mortal man might a sack of grain, Wen Ning threw.

The snap of bones left a Healer wincing, even if they were long-dead.

“The groundskeepers are going to love that one,” Elcarth muttered, as lightning-laced water writhed and flailed under cracked stone. “But it’s mist. How-?”

“Oh, Bright Lady.” Shielding her eyes with one hand, Kais squinted into the wind, blonde braids whipping her shoulders. “That’s what they meant!”

Paper fluttered and burned, as Mina squinted into the gale. “That’s how his cultivation works. Turning resentment against itself.”

“Like a Fetcher can stop another Fetcher, or….” Jaim gulped, hiding behind Theke’s solid frame. “Or a Mindspeaker can shield others out.”

Not quite the same, Crathach considered, risking a half-step into Healing readiness to sense an eerily familiar flow of energies; the earth to Wei Wuxian, Wei Wuxian to the ghosts. As Healers of legend had fed energy to wounded on the battlefield, granting them the strength to defy death. But it works.

Ghostly hands pulled the river-haunt fully from the Terilee’s edge, bones and mist still cracking around the shattered boulder. Something was pinned beneath stone; something the monster would not or could not sever itself from, even as the rest of its form flowed and bunched like storm-clouds.

Nie Zonghui bared his teeth. “Now!”

18 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Timing

    1. The groundskeepers are going to love that one,” Elcarth muttered—> I’m sure once this is all over Wen Ning will help put it back if asked nicely he’s such a good boy.

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  1. It’s nice that Valdemar actually has a framework for how guidao actually works. And that’s going to be an interesting one, when they realize that Wei Wuxian uses a completely different term for what he does than everyone else.

    But yes, the cultivators are scary. Wei Wuxian and his people are spooky as well as scary. And the other cultivators will never forgive them for it.

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  2. Oh this will be so good. And I’m sure Wen Ning or Lan Wangji will help put the big rock back, or find a replacement if asked nicely. Is it sad that I hope Lan Wangji gets to have a hand in delivering the final blow?

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    1. Now I’m tickled by the thought of, in the aftermath Wen Ning’s condition gets explained so the Valdemarans can kind of handwave his ridiculous strength as part of that.

      And then Lan “can pick up a stone statue, a stone coffin, and three adult men’s worth of body weight all at once” Wangji starts chipping in 😂

      He might still be a decade and change away from that particular level of strength, but cultivators are fucking Strong, and Lan cultivators in particular!

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  3. Valdemarian groundskeeper: Nooooo my (cabbages) rocks!!!!

    Hopefully a good replacement can be sourced, given the popularity of that particular place! XD

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  4. Is he yanking resentment out from under the opponent’s feet and feeding it to his own allied haunts instead…? Both weakening the enemy and buffing his allies at the same time, with the added bonus of, if his allies decide they’re ready to finally be put to rest, they’ll take what’s left of said resentment with them?

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