Oni the Lonely Signed Copies Available

Package was delivered! Signed copies of Oni the Lonely now available!

If you want to get Oni the Lonely from Etsy.

If you’d rather get Oni the Lonely from eBay.

And of course it’s up on Amazon if you just want to order a regular paperback from them.

It’s one of Amazon KDP’s interesting and potentially useful features for a writer – that you can order just a few author’s copies for signing, or lots, as you choose, and you can always order more. This means you don’t have to clutter up your working space with tons of copies, and people who want signed copies get a new book. It doesn’t add to your royalties, but OTOH you as the author only get charged print costs, shipping costs, and Amazon’s cut, so it can earn you a little more if someone wants a signed copy… and you get paid within weeks, not three months later.


13 thoughts on “Oni the Lonely Signed Copies Available

  1. Oni has arrived, been read and reread here and now I can’t wait for the sequel!

    That’s a lie by the way, I’ll wait however long it takes – I’ll even try my hardest to be patient for it. Just know it will be well recieved once it does show up.

    Loved the Rain and Diana, Kyosai and Miya interactions – you could tell how well they knew eachother. ❤

    Cable made me feel as if I’d met him before, he reminded me a great deal of another storeowner I’ve read about before – which is the main reason I saw his development coming before it happened. Satisfying though. 😁

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      1. Thank you!

        I admit that’s a lot of what drives me to write. “Can’t I just read about some decent people trying to do what’s right, instead of a sociopathic Villain and only slightly nicer Designated Protagonist?”

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  2. Is there functionally any difference on your end in the order processing costs between Etsy and eBay? I’ve been waiting so I could get a signed copy and don’t really care which service I order through, so if one gets more money to you, I’ll use that one.

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      1. Order placed through eBay, as well as an immediate followup with a signed copy of Gateway to fiction, because somehow despite being right there on the sidebar I never remembered to order a copy. Hooray for eBay’s, ‘other products from this seller’ recommendations I suppose. It claims they’ll arrive the day before my birthday, which is perfect, even if it is off by a bit given it’s rather late. Not sure when it stops assuming that ‘today’ is today for it’s calculations.

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  3. My book has arrived. Good condition, well printed. I like the font style and the size. Easy to read without being embarassingly large print

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