A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Royal Rage

Wei Wuxian hadn’t even slowed down; bowing to the Queen and Prince, then whirling on his heel to stride back to the ghosts, arms wide and welcoming. “Thank you! Without your help, it would have been so much worse. We’ll make sure you have proper graves, even if I have to call the rest of the bones out of the river… I suppose I should get started, if we wait until sunset people might think it was a bit spooky.”

“Oh, just a bit,” Dirk murmured, walking up to Talia’s side even if he had to lean on Ahrodie to do it. “Er. My Queen. Prince Daren. Everyone’s already upset. And terrified. Should we let him-?”

Alberich snorted. Brushing back a blonde strand that had escaped her formal circlet, Queen Selenay raised one courtly brow.

Daren stifled a chuckle. “Right. Dirk. Do you honestly think we could stop him?”

“I don’t want to stop him.” Selenay’s jaw was set, even as Wei Wuxian whistled at the water, and the first pale finger-bones crept onto shore. “These were my people. They were ours, and Orthallen was supposed to protect them, and instead he-!” Half-hidden by Formal Whites, her fists clenched. “They deserve burial. They deserve to rest in peace. What Wei Wuxian does is terrifying? Fine. Let him be terrifying. Let every noble who’s wavered toward Orthallen’s path see, and remember, and think twice before they wreak anything like this evil, ever again. The traitor’s legacy ends here.”


21 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Royal Rage

  1. I have not read any of the books. But Selenay’s speach there at the end? *Very* clear indication of why you should not piss off the Queen…

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    1. This is a song written by Mercedes Lackey for the previous time Selenay was “upset”. When they first started fighting Ancar – Battle Dawn

      And for fun – remember those creatures that were spying on the cultivators in earlier chapters – Vrondi’s Eyes

      Some background on Captain Kero – Kerowyn’s Ride

      Warrior –


      And just because I love this video by the same singer as Battle Dawn Avengers March of Cambreadth


  2. The little bones, eh, you could probably convince yourself it was pebbles or something, when the /skulls/ (and pelvises) come rolling out tho…. *G* a nice underline below everything else that happened, to make sure everyone remembers WHY the strange scary thing was in the river in the first place!

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  3. I can see WWX is sending a message to not only the Valdemarans but also the Nie and Lan Zhan: “I am not controlling the dead/desecrating the dead, they are volunteers who are very violently working out their issues and I thank them for their help afterward!”

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    1. And it is a great way to do it! It should definitely help Lan Wangji understand that it isn’t that different from when he plays Rest or Inquiry, may even be better because I think Inquiry involves compelling an entity to not lie, but that might be from fanfiction 😅

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  4. Not gonna lie, that’s a pretty boss statement to make. And then pretty telling that Wei Wuxian isn’t asking for permission to retrieve the bones, he’s informing them that’s what he’s doing.

    On the cultivator side, a huge charge laid against Wei Wuxian is that he disturbed the ancestors and other dead and defiled graves. And he may have, but he didn’t leave them that way.

    Wait, did the novel ever say he used Wen ancestors? I mean, I assume he used the bodies of Wen soldiers, maybe. It would be harder, because they may not resent their commanders enough to fight…

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  5. Uhhh is it just me or did Selenay just “that’s my monster!” Wei Wuxian? As in ‘he’s terrify but he’s terrifying with my royal blessing and if you start shit I’ll let him be terrifying AT you.’ Cause honestly that would be amazing. The Gods gave Selanay Mothra.

    Also 5 bucks say all that bravado is hiding alot of exhaustion and the minute he’s safe WWX is gonna drop.

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  6. Wait a sec, how many people are going to realize that if Wei Wuxian weren’t the type to talk first, he’s have roused everything in the river to get Lan Wangji and the Niè out?

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  7. /Let every noble who’s wavered toward Orthallen’s path see, and remember, and think twice before they wreak anything like this evil, ever again. The traitor’s legacy ends here.”/
    Call me cynical but I can’t help but thing at least some of the corrupt/traitor nobles will look at this, and instead of going straight; they decide that their methods of disposing of bodies need updating.

    Because previously they were operating with the knowledge that dead men told no tales. The fact that there is now at least one man who can make the dead talk, means they can’t simply get rid of evidence in the city’s river any more.

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