Earring Tales: Rising Dawn

I wanted some uplifting, dawn colors.

…Did it work?

Mostly I just wanted something cheerful to work on. I’ve found that when the world feels like it’s closing in on you and nothing you do is enough, it helps to make something that has a tangible result in a (relatively) short-term timeframe. Washing the dishes just means doing them again tomorrow, making the bed ditto, writing a rough draft takes weeks if not months… but beading? You see definite rows adding up over time. And then it gets done.

And it’s pretty. And with luck someone else goes “Squee!” and gets a new shiny.

Rising Dawn beaded earrings.


5 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Rising Dawn

  1. I think they’re pretty! I’m currently broke right now, got some projects that decided to all happen at one time. (Not just yarn projects either, thought they did chime in.)

    But I think that’s part of why I love doing my yarn projects. I make a project, and I can see it grow. It’s gets big, or shaped, and it has an end point.

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