A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Adult Advice

“What’s so funny about a proposal?” Dirk muttered, as Talia held a hand to her lips to stifle a giggle.

“Nothing,” Talia murmured back through her fingers. “It’s the sweetest thing, and I wish them all the best. But you need to have a long talk with that young man. He has a lot to learn about what women really think is attractive. And how it’s different, for sighing over and for marriage.”

Her tall, straw-blond, really-not-court-handsome husband blinked. And chuckled. “Used to being second-best, hmm? Thank you, love. I’ll catch him later, when some of the shock wears off. Hopefully before he starts second-guessing everything.”

Though from the amused determination radiating from Nie Zonghui, and Wei Wuxian’s sparkle of delighted mischief, the other cultivators weren’t about to let Nie Huaisang get lost in his own doubts. “Hao!” Wei Wuxian grinned, fist raised in the air as he winked at Mina, then Huaisang. “Hao, hao, hao!”

“Good,” Lan Wangji echoed, quiet but firm. “The living must live.” He lowered his voice, but Talia still caught it. “It is not good to spend too much time with the dead.”

Talia squinted, then took a deliberate deep breath. Of course. No one got over someone I care about has an inconvenient Gift in a few days. Sometimes not ever.

Though she had hopes Lan Wangji would soon see sense. After all, last he’d known before meeting Wei Wuxian again in Valdemar, the Ghost-Speaker had been hiding behind a wall of ghosts and the walking dead. That would seem like too much time with the dead, if he didn’t know how very much Wei Wuxian had entwined himself with Wen Ning and the rest of the surviving sect. She’d have to have a talk with him. Likely while Dirk was reassuring Nie Huaisang that yes, a smart, pretty, and wonderful girl like Mina really could love him just for himself-

14 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Adult Advice

  1. Oh yes. Crisis C being resolved does not solve Crisis B or Crisis A. Still, Wei Wuxian is having the time of his life. He gets to watch his friend get engaged, his family is all as safe as he can manage to make them, and he got to night hunt with Lan Wangji and his two good friends! He probably won’t even have to take off in the next five seconds.

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  2. O, that dash means chaos of some flavor dropping in, huh!

    I do hope Dirk and Talia manage to have that talk with Nie Huaisang though, after, because he does need it. He’s certainly not used to a girl choosing him over his brother, even in absentia.

    Or with Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji standing there too. He’s used to not really having the first eye-catching bits for an attractive mate in his culture; not a strong cultivator, only so so handsome and not *gestures at Lan Wangji*, not heroically minded, prefers painting to swinging a saber, etc. So used to it he didn’t even consider Mina would want HIM.

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  3. Mina’s friend : “So you caught a handsome prince! Congratulations. I thought you were on the look out for a poor but kind animal doctor you could take back to your family.” “Hey he’s great with birds, and considerate, and has a wonderful sense of humour. I can deal with his family and all the other problems. Besides did you look at his shoulders?!” “I looked at his shoulders and his back and his legs, and can see the attraction. Also his horse is very sweet and kind and in good shape after that long trip which speaks well of him.”

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    1. We’re actually winding down now! I see one more chapter to finish the main story, then two more coda short pieces.

      …Man, this chapter really kicked my butt. *Flops* But it’s roughed out! Will need some time to polish it… hopefully will get some of that this coming week around vet appointment, etc.

      Now if the world would just cut me a little breathing room on work/ getting bills paid front….

      More books for signed books are supposed to get here tomorrow, though, so that’s something.

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