A Long Road Chapter 15 up on AO3

Chapter 15 of A Long Road, “Water is Enough”, is now up on Archive of Our Own.

…Holy cow this chapter took forever.

Partly because action scene. Partly because fluff and people freaking out are also hard to write. Partly because there’s bits I thought belonged in this chapter that’ll actually fit better as a flashback in the wrap-up. Aaaaand a lot because Real Life was being more of a jerk than usual.


Anyway. I’m thinking there’s one more main chapter for wrapping stuff up, and then two coda bits.

Hopefully getting this story this much done will help brain turn loose of other Ideas in there and start actually writing them….


20 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 15 up on AO3

  1. I saw the notification, I was so happy! And it turned out amazing!! And the end of the chapter… 🤌*chefs kiss* I am getting the impression that Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji won’t get the chance to really work things out yet, maybe there is still some growing up to do. Also, I have probably said this before, but I love how Lan Wangji has unknowingly latched onto Egarth (I hope I spelled his name right) as a replacement Father figure/ mentor, and finds comfort in his presence. 🥰 I promise, I’ll leave a comment on the Ao3 too, but I really enjoyed it!

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  2. I think Father Ricard is going to need a bit of a time out in order to process all this. And potentially a bottle or two of an alcohol-containing liquid to help process all this.

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  3. “Speaker for the (Restless) Dead.”

    Well, as long as WWX never takes on the title of “Xenocide”…. 😛

    Is it just me, or did Talia (speaking with possible Divine Influence) just declare WWX as having Priestly, or at least Priest-adjacent, status? Poor Ricard — I think his heart is genuinely in the right place, but his clutch is grinding trying to paradigm-shift on an OCP this quickly. Hopefully, he’ll be more amenable once he’s had a chance to process.

    All that action, and all I can really concentrate on is WWX and LWJ making beautiful music together…. 😀
    ALL THE BARDS: “Would you two just HOOK UP ALREADY!?!? The music Does Not Lie!”

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    1. The music lies ALL THE TIME.

      Look, this is exactly why actors and musicians tend to have tons of disastrous affairs with people they are working with. And then, when the production or tour is over, there’s nothing left.

      Performance is a heightened state, which either causes heightened emotions or only produces emotions in the audience. You have flow. You have imagination. Time stands still.

      But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. It can, but it very often doesn’t.

      And a lot of performers and artists have wonderful personalities _in their art only_. There’s a big tendency towards narcissism, for example, and histrionic behavior has its name for a reason. Also about five hundred other warning messages.

      Some people live a sane, sensible, reasonable life of performance, and also have happy marriages that last a long time. But not as many as in most other professions. The Professor of Rock channel is kinda depressing on that front.

      But first and foremost, you and the other person have to have something outside of music, or your lack of normal humanity will destroy you and the other person too.

      Thus endeth the sermon.

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      1. Brava!


        I’m half convinced that most movie stars’ marriages only last about 18 months because that’s all the longer they’re accustomed to staying in character.

        Television stars’ marriages last longer, because they might have to stay in character for years on end.

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