A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – The Needles

One tiny missile launched at the weary Ghost-Speaker; a boy wrapped in unmistakably Jianghu robes under a nice, thick Valdemaran winter coat. A boy with a striking resemblance to Wen Ning. Not a son, no, but definitely family.

And followed quickly by a somewhat larger girl-missile in the same style; hugging just as fiercely, never losing her worried smile even when one of the ghost brides appeared and stroked bright red hair. “Xian-gege came back.” She blinked up at the ghost, smile oddly more certain. “Ping-jie! A-Mei was worried!”

Aiyaa….” Tired or not, Wei Wuxian stretched his arms to hug them both at once. “I said we’d come back!”

“Huh!” A stern young Jianghu woman stalked out of the crowd; jacketed like the children, but dark hair pulled up in a silver hairpiece. “We know you keep your promises, you idiot. But Haven’s a long way away. Even the two of you could have gotten lost.” She huffed. “Now where are my patients?”

:Oh, I like this one,: Kantor snickered. :I’d wager she could keep even you in a Healing Hall cot, if she had to.:

“Here.” Crathach’s hand hovered over the shoulder of green robes; out of deference to Nie Zonghui’s nerves, not quite grabbing the youngster. “Everyone here’s had a brush with ghosts, Maiden Wen, but this one spit up blood.”

Nie Huaisang shrank back, like a rabbit watching an oncoming hawk. “It’s not that bad-”

“The needles hurt much, much worse if she has to chase you,” Wei Wuxian confided, in a mock-whisper so loud all the children giggled.

15 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – The Needles

    1. The return of the seedlings❤ A- Yuan is going to be happy that he has both WWX back and Righ-gege to. Although ,you know that fanart of the ghost brides doing the “We’re watching You” to LWJ ? I can see Megui joining them. Who knows what she’s picked up from Wen Qing in the meantime.

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  1. Nie Huaisang has met Wen Qing but hasn’t been her patient. Her reputation for dealing with difficult patients precedes her. Her reputation for needles as a weapon might not. Of course he could be playing up “scared of doctors” as a comedy act to reassure the outsiders that she is sort of harmless.

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      1. “Don’t be ridiculous. I would never make the needles hurt more just because I had to chase someone.”

        “Oh good.”

        “When it hurt more, they thrash around more. I prefer to paralyze the runners.”


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  2. Meigui has not had good luck with people coming back. And after her experience getting to this particular group, I can absolutely see her being much more comfortable with ghosts than with people. And this, too, is good. They aren’t leaving their culture behind, but they aren’t shunning the new one either. Of course, busking up like the locals just makes sense when that’s what’s available.

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  3. Sorry, new kitten—

    She’s obviously been adopted, but do they think that she’s had to give up her native culture, or that she chose to do so? And what does this mean for Mina?

    (Though we’ve seen Mina making that choice consciously for herself).

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    1. Ah, the dreaded CoK (Cat On Keyoard) error! 🙂
      Those typing fingers look *so* much like scurrying mice….
      Still better than the dread CiP (Cat In Printer) error from the days when most printers were open-topped dot-matrix models….

      WQ and Crathach are going to get along like a forest fire, and their patients are going to feel *so* ganged-up on….

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      1. /Ah, the dreaded CoK (Cat On Keyoard) error! 🙂
        Those typing fingers look *so* much like scurrying mice…./
        Even worse when it’s a laptop computer. Cats consider those nice toasty sleeping spots.

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