Green Amusements

Sticky and annoying as Spanish needles are (they get into the fabric of socks, augh!) it still amuses me that I saw them in the background of a Jackie Chan movie.

This one’s in the process of making those tiny needle-seeds with their two hooks at one end for extra stick-to-itiveness.

But there are much happier flowers to deal with, too.

Dunno what it is besides tiny, and something that grows low enough to the ground to escape the landscaping lawnmowers. It does seem to like a bit of moisture, given I see most of it in the nearby drainage ditch, as opposed to higher, drier sandy ground.

A landscaping plant that grows well up-slope from the ditch, and obviously likes it a bit drier. Amusing bit with this one is that I had to paw through an azalea bush to get this pic. From what I’ve seen in other plantings around here, the purple-flowered grassy plant (I’m pretty sure it’s Liriope?) was meant to be planted as a border to the azaleas; cut back the azaleas yearly so they flower above, have the grassy purple around the flowerless base of the bushes.

Except. I think three things happened. First, looks like they may have carelessly planted the purple a bit too close to the azaleas. Then they let the azaleas get a bit overgrown over the years. Third – liriope prefers partial shade if at all possible. So it’s growing under the azaleas, where the open leafy branches give exactly that, and it thrives there. Flowers under branches and all.

And this is… well, something not a Spanish needle going to seed. I liked the symmetry of the puffs!


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