A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Lovely Walls

:Much to learn we have, yes,: Alberich nodded. :That is why you to Wen Qing wished to speak-:

:Learn, yes – but not just talismans! They have ideas we can use, with what we already know. We have weak Firestarters back home! If I can steal one and teach them herb-Healing….:

:With Elcarth we will speak, when we return,: Alberich assured him, as Wen Qing lead them into a structure equally as large as the village meeting hall; a complex whose thick walls were meant for Western winters, but whose form was obviously inherited from somewhere else.

Somewhere used to battle, Alberich reflected, picking out the subtle ladders and openings that would allow defenders to bar all the doors and rain down hell from the roof. Most likely to only be of use against bears and wild creatures here, but… if building walls made the Wen feel safe, it was better to have them than not.

And from the way Nie Huaisang had breathed out after crossing the threshold, and Nie Zonghui had actually relaxed – yes, better for them to have walls, indeed.

“Oh! It’s like a tiny Hold.” Talia stood on her tiptoes to peer at bits obviously still under construction; places that would need paint or polish the next time people had free hands. But the foundation and other critical structures were up, the central courtyard already had herb beds laid out ready for spring, and in one corner there was a well.

That last made both Alberich and Crathach look twice. Granted, any Hall of Healing needed clean water, and lots of it. But a new well, complete with mortared walls to defend the water from surface contamination? Long-time dwellers in Rabbit Hole must have poured in just as much work as the Wen to get that done.

Then again, given the forest herbs had been killing their children, they had every reason to want their Healer to have anything she needed.

“You have water, you can store food, there are posts for archers above….” Talia nodded in approval. “And when everything’s fine, the sick can get fresh air and sun and still be out of the worst of the weather. This is lovely!”


8 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Lovely Walls

  1. Tiny Hold like Talia’s birth place? She didn’t like living there but it was meant for communal living at the edge of civilization.
    How did everyone have the time and energy to build such a structure in the few months that WWX was gone. Is that an open well not a closed well with pump? I wonder if they have gutters to store rainwater too. I’m not sure garden beds inside a house would be a good idea. It might get trampled and not have enough sunlight. At least the rabbits can’t get at it.
    Does anyone have lesser Firestarters? Sounds useful if well trained. Handy for lighting kitchen fires without having to worry about not extinguishing fires over night.

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    1. There are any number of ways to keep a courtyard planting bed from getting trampled, from putting a low wall on one edge or growing hedges around them to just making the beds raised.

      It all depends on where you’ve designed your natural traffic paths to be.

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