Earring Tales: Autumn Light

I know it’s still technically summer, but with September around the corner I wanted something with a little leaf-orange.

Hmm. I somehow expected this to have more of an impression of orange and less one of… peachy with bright sun or ice? Huh.

I think it’d make either a good costume accessory or informal party wear; it doesn’t strike me as black-tie style. Any thoughts?

Autumn Light beaded earrings.

Also, PK, the Monochrome and Gold pair are in progress. šŸ˜‰ I plan to put them on Etsy for you when they’re done ’cause sometimes someone on eBay snipes pairs I’ve made. (Though if you’d rather do eBay, just drop a comment and I’ll do that instead.)

One thought on “Earring Tales: Autumn Light

  1. Pretty! Are the inner chevrons the peach? Iā€™d say the outline is a red orange, maybe a dark peach. If you did the outline beads with a good, brown or the right shade of green it might work as autumn.

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