20 thoughts on “Burning Through Spoons, an Amazing Story

  1. >>He’s a cattle dog, they’re legally required to have at least 1 really disgusting snack they love.

    This is 100% true, though I’ve never thought of corgis as cattle dogs, and OH FREAK YES IT WORKS.
    (Australian shepherd crosses are most of our cowdogs…am now happier about husband’s desire to have a corgi.)

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  2. /“we’re supposed to coordinate garage sales as a neighborhood” and “your friends are blocking traffic on this cul-de-sac while nobody is home” /

    This is actually very important.
    A properly arranged garage sale should impede traffic in all directions, before they leave in the morning and preventing people from returning at night.

    You can’t just throw something at random and hope to achieve maximum inconvenience.

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  3. This is a just a glorious train wreck of people why? May everyone get the ice cream and sleep the deserve 😁

    (My German Shepard also has this bad habit and one of my cats has CH/ wobbly kitten syndrome so his box can’t be covered. We have to constantly clean that one as she’s a professional sneak 🙄)

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  4. I love this whole thing SO MUCH! 🤣 🤣🤣 this is one of the reasons I’m sad that the area I live in has become less rural, with a bunch of townhouses being built all around. We used to have a large group of ladies like this, I could totally see them pulling something very similar! Sadly most of them have passed on, moved to rest homes, moved in with kids, or moved to a smaller home far away. 😞 I miss the good community of older people that I knew when I was younger. Growing up sucks.

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  5. This is amazing. It’s one of those stories that is almost hard to believe…. but all the details feel very accurate and probable individually. Like the long-armed sewing machine being a major draw to an estate sale: my mom, who has been in a quilt guild for longer than I’ve been alive, would love one of those.

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    1. I figure there’s some poetic license, such as how charming the dog is, how hard it was to recognize Doris (say, the quilt actually just triggered the “oh, yes, that’s Doris” or a five minute dance around thing getting her to remind you of her name as opposed to “I recognized stitching at 20 yards”) but seems basically accurate.

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  6. As someone who’s cousin is currently stranded in a Texas airport, with his bags in another state because he missed his flight, and with no money because he maxed his credit card ordering the parts he needs for the next 50 or so units he’s going to be selling (he runs his own small business) and who’s bank is apparently in the middle of a merge and so can’t get his credit card unmaxed right now, I very much feel the energy present in this post.

    It is a very nice feeling that there could be a lot more moving parts to this entire mess, and even with a lot more moving parts to a mess like this, it can absolutely work itself out.

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  7. Among so many great details, I think my favorite detail is the typo “ice dream” at the end. It just wraps everything up so neatly, like this whole surreal day was a dream so it’s time for a snack to acknowledge that fact.

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  8. It’s actually kinda sweet. Doris seems to have paid them for help setting up the auction, and everything that came from it. Makes you believe a tiny bit in humanity, that they can come together and take care of annoying neighbors like that. Also terrifying.

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