Book Review: The Alien’s Little Sister

The Alien’s Little Sister, by Amanda Milo. 4.5 out of 5 stars, a light but steamy alien romance I’ll definitely read again. A bit too much sex for my druthers, but this story has a focus on building relationships, interacting with family, and old-fashioned male chivalry (and why it’s a good idea) that most modern romances lack. And the way it gets away with having a very visibly alien female walking the streets of Chicago is a good one. (“All part of the act, folks!”)

One of the interesting aspects of the book is that it’s told completely from Matt’s perspective, instead of alternating between male and female protagonist POVs the way many of these romances do. This allows the story to keep a bunch of secrets until Inara deliberately reveals them. It also allows for more dramatic tension about whether the relationship can work – Matt was gone for Inara the moment she showed up, and wants her to stay, but she’s stated she’s just after a casual relationship. We’re not in her POV, we don’t know what she’s thinking. We can only get what Matt sees. Which means the guy has to try to communicate with the woman he loves.

…As any writer knows, communication is hard.

Points I really liked:

Matt going into great detail about why brothers ought to be protective of their sisters, and how dumb guys can be when going after sex.

Inara enjoying everything about Chicago, including aquarium fish. Also rebuilding cars.

Matt terrorizing his teenage employee’s boyfriend… until she is officially eighteen and can legally consent, at which point he goes to only older-brother-levels of “better treat her right”.

Inara using various makeup tricks to make it look like she’s in alien cosplay.

At the last, Matt running into Inara’s very overprotective brothers and seeing the terror from the other end. (At least until they’re sure he’s sincere.)

All told, worth checking out!

Side note: Why a steamy alien romance? Well, some people get ice cream after a really bad day/ something they absolutely have to get done no matter how much they hate it. I tend to get myself a book to read. This one was under $4 on Kindle. And a great distraction from being sick!


6 thoughts on “Book Review: The Alien’s Little Sister

  1. /sigh

    Curse it, Crossover, you got me hooked.

    I have been binging on this lady’s writing, signed up for the Unlimited system with Amazon and all.

    It is kinda effective for learning pacing, muchless Romance highnotes; she has SKILL.

    (In fairness, the “obviously a xenomorph from Alien character doing a scoobie doo eeek to what appears to be Dorthy of Oz” cover helped, too.)

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    1. Er. Oops?

      …You have no idea how much I want to do a book binge on a lot of these authors.

      Oh! That reminds me. Have you checked out anything by Grace Burrowes? Because along with romance she did a light-mystery (with heavy romance tones) series, Lady Violet. I’ve read the first book, it was good!

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