A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Memories

Lan Wangji kept a wary eye on them, but held back, as more people gasped and cried out. This, at last, felt like a familiar part of a night-hunt. Once one living soul recognized a ghost, it was as if a cloud of mist lifted, allowing others to also see. Or possibly, the ghosts themselves became more recognizable, resentful energy pacified enough to recall their live bodies.

Whatever the reason, more of the Palace servants and no few of the Guards stared, and swore, and approached in stunned disbelief. There were tears, and the usual vows of vengeance….

“I understand how you feel.” Wei Wuxian strode between ghosts and the living; a comforting nod to Bieta, a gentle pat to Vienne’s misty shoulder. “But the man responsible is beyond anything we can do to him. Your Princess executed Orthallen defending the Monarch’s Own. He is dead.”

Lan Wangji nodded, even as he saw others frown at the repetition. Ghosts did not always hear words that contradicted their enduring hatred. If these souls had perished at Orthallen’s hands, they needed to know he had already been dealt with.

“A traitor’s death, much quicker than he deserved, but good riddance. And as for any ghost he might have left….” Wei Wuxian’s grin was sharp; yet oddly, the ghosts relaxed. “Well, I suspect there are other Powers dealing with him.”

…Ah. Yes. That would comfort an angry spirit, to know their tormentor should be suffering a fate beyond any mortal torment. The fierce burn of resentful energy left was softer now. More like the simple haunting of dead from a food or earthquake than an army of fierce ghosts.

A little more, and they might pass on peacefully. But how to address so many grievances at once?

A white glow moved; nobles and priests parted for Herald Talia and Groveborn Rolan.

Ah. A creature of Heaven might do it, if the ghosts were calm enough.

8 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Memories

  1. Wei Wuxian is still a righteous cultivator! He just isn’t doing things the same way. Lan Wangji is having a lot of paradigm shifts going on recently. He’s being very balanced about things, all told.

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  2. Is someone taking down names so family and friends can be notified? And proper rites said for everyone who needs it? The Jinghui is more homogeneous so the same prayers will do for most of the ghosts. Valdemar is a multi religious state and finding out how to conduct burial services will require investigation.

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