A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Faith

“A Ghost-Speaker’s testimony is only hearsay in court.” Queen Selenay’s eyes narrowed. “Unfortunately.”

“Maybe,” Wei Wuxian nodded, “But I can give you more than just what they said. I know some of what they remember. Even if it’s not admissible evidence, it might tell you where to look!” He looked past them, to where Mina was still fussing over Nie Huaisang, and frowned. “Though that might have to wait. Lan Wangji and I know enough battlefield medicine to get a cultivator stabilized, but he really needs a cultivating doctor. And he’s not the only one. There was a lot of malice being thrown around here.”

“Wen Qing,” Lan Wangji stated. It was, after all, the most obvious solution.

:What?: Kellen sputtered. :That would be the best, but you know he’s hidden them-:

Herald Talia was already shaking her head. “The western border is weeks away, and it’s winter. The odds of getting him there in time, if he’s really sick….” She trailed off, staring at Lan Wangji, even as she pointed at Wei Wuxian. “And… you think he can do it.”

“Wei Wuxian swore to defend the Wen Remnant, and has, with Wen Qionglin,” Lan Wangji stated. “He would not take their strongest defenders from them without a way to reach them in dire need.”

“Aw, Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian had grinned then; warmth and wind-in-pines and sun on leaping water. “You have faith in me!”

And he had had a way, even if it took the full force of the Stygian Tiger Amulet and most of his strength. Wei Wuxian had reasoned out a pattern of power to connect a chain of transport arrays, drawing on their similarity to each other to link beginning to end in one massive portal. They had gathered their wounded, and supplies, and… ridden through.

If the Jianghu learned to do that – what would a sect’s walls mean, ever again?

17 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Faith

  1. Ouch. Yeah that’s the mind of battle technology advancement that rendered walled cities obsolete.

    And with how steeped in “correct and proper tradition” the Jianghu is… it’s the kind of thing that will certainly spark panic and riot when word of it gets back to them.

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  2. The Refugees were going from one prearranged transport array to another prearranged transport array which were already set up by the Nie. Implications is that the Nie already know that it can be done, and it doesn’t work without someone to set up the recieving array. I wonder if Wei Wuxian left the arrays in place so that they could do a fast retreat, or took the bridge down behind them.
    So not a brand new technology and the Nie already have defenses against it starting with checking for strange arrays in your fortress, city, and nearby spots.
    WWX took more people along the transport arrays than is “normal” but Nie Mingjue believed that this was possible.
    Also the power to do this is not common — Wen Ruohan was nearly immortal but while everyone knew that was possible almost no one did the same. All the Sect Leaders were powerful but except for Wen Ruohan they were of the current generation or just one generation older. Perhaps some Jiang or Lan elder is hundreds of years old and as powerful as shit but in that case where are they?

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      1. Well they went through the Nie relays one stage at a time. Is the next trip going to be in stages and if so how many? If I was just a little paranoid the arrays would be set up in stages and at least one dead end trip into the Dismal Swamp with alligators. If someone tried to force WWX to take them somewhere they could end up in the Dismal Swamp instead of the Western Border country. Oh the Dismal Swamp is a real place but unfortunately doesn’t have alligators anymore. Or they could do a demonstration trip that ends up being only 10 miles and has WWX holing up in the tavern recovering for a couple of days. The concensus would be nice trick but not militarily useful.

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  3. The best fortified buildings usually fall due to inside betrayel (or pigs). Doesn’t know the arrays where pre-built huh? He just thinks the terrifyingly clever necromancer he’s terrifyingly he’s in love with teleported with out wormholes.

    Love makes people very silly.

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      1. I’m going to guess that somebody somewhere kept pigs next to some fortified wall and they managed to undermine it with their normal piggy activities.

        … Probably have to be earthworks rather than anything stone-reinforced.

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      2. Collected pigs’ fat, placed in holes near wall and set alight, was apparently a viable method of destroying wall fortifications.

        Something about the burn temp the fat could reach making it more effective than other flammables used for similar purposes.

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      3. Okay so warning for vast animal cruelty. And human cruelty. War ain’t pretty.

        Your’re actually pretty close. So what you do is you dig a hole or a tunnel under the castle. You drive the pigs in. You plug the opening of the tunnel with straw and timber. And then you light it on fire. The pigs burning will create steam and smoke and a fire hot enough to Slag the foundation not to mention what it does to the people. You don’t get to keep the castle but your enemy doesn’t either. Also they are very dead.

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      4. Well, that’s if you’re too lazy to just kill some pigs and ship the bodies into the hole. I mean, pigs are not quiet, so they’re not great for stealth undermining.

        Plus, if you slaughter the pigs back at the camp, you can drain the blood and have some extra food. Very wasteful if you do it the lazy way.


  4. Thats a horrible story. When and where did it occur? Its just for periods like Medieval Europe there wouldn’t be the pigs to spare during a siege — everyone would want to eat them instead. Also a live pig is currently large and unpleasant, and during Medieval times was smaller but still unpleasant. It would be a lot easier to kill the pig and have people move the pigs dead bodies in place.


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