Indy Horror Movie Idea: The Ticket

Ran across a movie summary for The Ticket, which is apparently a thin-plotted drama about a blind guy regaining his sight (“like winning a lottery ticket”) and then getting caught up in the superficial things instead of the Important Things in Life. Reaction: “Bah. A title like that should be a horror movie set at an amusement park….”

Well. Why not a horror movie set at an amusement park? Your hapless protagonist wins some kind of free all-weekend-ticket to this great place, and going there seems awesome! Except that sometime after they’ve been on a ride or two it all twists into a hell dimension, and they’re being hunted. But, every time they survive a horror they get the ticket punched again, and with enough punches they might make it until dawn….

I think this is doable. I’ve done a little research into independent filmmaking, in case I wanted to write characters doing it. One of the major expenses in any production is how many locations you need to film at; because you need to transport all your equipment there, all your actors and makeup artists, etc., get all the permits, make sure you can film in hours nothing else is going to wreck your scene or your sounds….

If you were filming at one amusement park, you could cut that way down. Negotiate for renting the space out during one of their off days, maybe. Get a few daylight crowd scenes on one of their “on” days. If you need to do night scenes, you could do it with black cloth during the daylight; Under Siege did that on the U.S.S Alabama where it’s moored in Mobile. And a lot of scenes could be shot indoors, especially if you’re doing some kind of hell dimension; set up like the inside of a mirrored funhouse, or haunted house crawl, or whatever you come up with. You could get away with minimal makeup and special effects; just being hunted is most of the horror you need right there. Minimal costumes as well, given these would be characters just out for some fun. And the people who work at the amusement park probably have guest horror stories of their own you can use to inspire proper horror movie survival stupidity.

I would, however, suggest spending enough petty cash to get decent meals catered in for your cast. Nobody wants to spend all day eating amusement park food!

How about it? Anyone want to give Hollywood a run for their money with a well-plotted scream-fest? Free to good home!

(Seriously, take this idea if you want. Though if it makes it to film, let me know so I can cheer at the theater!)

10 thoughts on “Indy Horror Movie Idea: The Ticket

  1. I think i DID hear about a haunted amusement park in fanfiction, so the idea is not totally out of nowhere, but dont remember seeing anyone doing it.

    which is shame – anythin can be turned ito horror story if you got the imagination – even public toulet. though those also can be horribl disgusting

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  2. There is a somewhat similar idea in
    ‘The Circus of Riddles’ by The_Fictionist on AO3. Harry Potter gets stuck in a soul destroying Fae circus and destroys it getting out a few years later.

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  3. Even better if the protagonist doesn’t remember entering the contest. Or maybe it’s better if they do? Because then they literally asked for this. Hmm…

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    1. Potentially you could downplay that by characters (the smart characters, at least) creatively using the rides to -save- themselves, as opposed to the rides being part of the main threat. (I mean, being hunted – maybe there’s some sabotage involved, but that sounds more like stalk and kill than malfunctioning machinery.) Like, it’s easy to stalk someone who’s walking down the main boulevard. It’s a lot harder to nab someone going 55 mph on a roller coaster. Or those spinning teacup rides.

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      1. The Scooby-Doo method of escape and/or trap! They Rube-Goldberg it a lot, but the basic idea is using the environment and whatever is to hand to escape or even protect oneself. Why not use amusement park rides to do the same?

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  4. This reminds me of a short film, that I can’t recall the title of or which channel I saw it on.

    Scene was a carnival horror house, with a young adult couple. The guy cheeps out and has discount coupon for the tickets. His date wasn’t too impressed.

    Neither where they with the ‘house of horrors’. Sure it was gross, beaten up, run down with very realistic blood splatter, but not much else.

    Until they run into the axe murder. Who turns out to be swinging a very real and sharp axe and is a real murderer. It doesn’t go well for them, and as they are being killed the camera pulls back to a couple that paid full price, watching through a window and marveling at how realistic the actors and effects are.

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  5. Well, I don’t know about *rides* going wrong, but amusement park horror? Try the 1973 movie Westworld. The amusement park there is a recreation of the Wild West, with sister parks recreating medieval Europe and Ancient Rome. Visitors can enact any cowboy fantasy they like. They can talk with the human-skin-animatronics that inhabit the park, fight them, seduce them, even kill them. And the robots are programmed to go along with it… until something goes wrong, and suddenly the robots aren’t letting you win the gunfight but rather giving you a lethal chest wound. An attempt at shutting things down from the control room only locks the doors, and the only hope is that the robots either run out of bullets or battery power before you die.

    This one inspired both a movie sequel and a later tv series. The original movie features Yul Bryner as the killer robot, years before we had the Terminator films.

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