Brief Note: Busyness

Long hours at work. Hopefully it’ll make up bills for the time I was out sick, but it’s very inconvenient for writing.

In the meantime I’m trying to figure out bare minimums of what I need to know to set up an opening scenario. I think I’ve got most of it, but at some point I need to track down some details on traditional Korean dress, as in how the heck do you put it on….

Huh. There’s more info on the Wikipedia page than the last time I looked! Nice.

And looks like there are also YouTube videos if I search. Awesome.

…Which is something to remember for worldbuilding. The next best thing to knowing something, is knowing where to look it up!

8 thoughts on “Brief Note: Busyness

  1. I’m almost sad I didn’t do more things in library science sso I could learn to look up stuff. Sorry, I meant where to look up stuff. The weird and wacky. Because search engines only get you so far. And they are very, very strange sometimes. If I’m looking for wool thread, I want thread, not yarn, and if I’m looking for darning thread, I don’t want embroidery floss.

    What I would really love is a search engine where you could toggle if you need this information for research/story reasons or ‘I need to use this’ reasons and tailors the results accordingly.

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    1. Have you tried subtracting out keywords or adding in extra? For example, if your original entry into the search engine of “wool thread” brings up mainly articles on yarn or attempts to sell modern embroidery floss, you can use “wool thread history -yarn -floss”. This will exclude any page that includes the word yarn or floss, as well as many that are only trying to sell a product.

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      1. Learning how to *exclude* terms from a search engine is almost more important than learning what terms to search for I’ve found. It can remove so many things you *don’t* want to see which saves a lot of time looking through everything else that still comes up.

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  2. Would there be any interest in a Crossover Blog Hangers-on Discord? There’s SO much knowledge and great ideas in this community of mavericks that I know I’d love to hang around more, but soliciting ideas and info on the post of the day isn’t really the way to go. 🙂

    (I also know discussion groups can get really out of hand really quickly, and I’ve always been a quiet little internet mice and never really actively participated in one before, so feel free to shoot this idea down.)


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