Some October Spookiness

Some things I like to keep simple. I don’t want to see Halloween decorations before October, and I’d really rather the Christmas stuff was not in stores until at least mid-November.

…Sigh. Not going to get that, these days.

But! It is now definitely October, so have some fun and spooky vids!

Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) (Official HD Video)

I have to admit I particularly like this ’cause they did great takes on the classic Hammer Horror Films monsters – including a Creature from the Black Lagoon variant!

AMV Sedulous Noughts

Our friendly neighborhood necromancer.

Want To Be My Soldier「AMV」

Hakuouki is still a setting I want to poke at for other stories….

Aoharu x Kikanjuu~ Amv

(A little NSFW words, but not much.)

[MV] Scholar Who Walks The Night || Underwater

Vampire romance!

Scooby Doo on Zombie Island – It’s Terror Time Again.

…Gotta love the Gang. 🙂

18 thoughts on “Some October Spookiness

  1. I loved that Creature variant makeup! (The Cardassian fangirl thinks scales are cool, go figure.)
    The dance isn’t half bad, either, gets you to have a clue on why someone would want to do ballroom dancing.

    (Also, somehow, the mummy was goofy/funny/cute.)

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  2. Weird Al’s “Christmas at Ground Zero” is a great Christmas song.

    Especially given what we’ve confirmed this year about how crazy a certain ‘world leader’* is, is there any time of year that CaGZ is /not/ seasonally appropriate for? 😀

    *Yeah, I am not a huge Russia enthusiast.**

    **Folks who think I am cheating, and picking on the Russians unfairly, I also dislike quite a number of other ‘world leaders’.

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  3. We had Christmas stuff available for sale at the end of August. Not a lot, mind you.

    OTOH, in a head to head contest between giant standing figures of Grim Reapers, Evil Scarecrows, Giant Lawn Deer, and Giant Snowmen, toddlers riding in shopping carts and waiting in the checkout line… vastly preferred the Grim Reaper Holding a Lantern, and were not clear on the concept that he was supposed to be spooky. I think they liked it as a sort of Giant Daddy/Uncle Figure, and the moving arm holding the lantern made it more interesting.

    That said, it randomly said spooky things in a deep bass voice, which the toddlers were not hearing, and it was also standing in full view in a well-lit store. Possibly it wouldn’t work for them outside on their lawn, especially since toddlers don’t like weird shadows.

    Anyway, Grim Reaper got sold out within two weeks, so little kids were not the only ones who found him oddly fascinating.

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  4. And don’t forget that the main reason we have Halloween in November is that Constantinople’s emperor, Leo the Isaurian/the Iconoclast sent assassins after both Popes Gregory II and Gregory III of Rome. Not a high point in church/state relations; but the determined Western defense of icons and sacred art is what led to Halloween being a thing in October/November, instead of the more obvious ancient Roman spooky season of mid-May. 🙂

    (Also, Gregory III was part of a whole string of Syrian immigrant popes, but the one with the coolest name (IMHO) was Sissinnius. Sissinios is actually a Persian name, and there was a Persian saint named Sissinnios whom a lot of other people are named after. There’s some evidence that “Sisin” or “Sasen” was a pagan Persian deity name, and in fact the one that the Sassanians were named after. So yup, just like saints named Saturninus or whatever, it became a Christian name after somebody named that did something saintly.)

    Anyway, it’s interesting because the more you look into it, the more you see that the Celts, the Persians, and a lot of other Indo-European cultures actually had their ghost/dead celebrations more in March-June. I suspect it had a lot to do with agricultural dates of things like early harvest, or temperatures being warm enough to do rituals. Worldwide, you also have the concept that it’s “safer” to tell ghost stories in the dead of winter/Winter Solstice, when the ground is frozen and even spirits are staying home. So that’s the secondary ghost season.

    Samain really _was_ more about getting legal stuff out of the way before winter set in. So that’s kinda hilarious how people have forgotten this entirely, and think that it’s “natural” to celebrate death stuff in the autumn.

    The new marketing category of “Spooky Season” is annoying as yet another to avoid saying the name of something even semi-religious… but OTOH, “spooky” is apparently no longer a word used only by -ists and -phobes. So as usual in our culture, it’s one step forward and two steps back.

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