A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Triage


Wen Qing tried not to roll her eyes, concentrating on placing the next silver needle in the right acupuncture point to redirect lingering resentful energy away from the core of the Nie heir seated on her examining table. The energy was stubborn. But then, so was Nie Huaisang. “I’d think you were a wuss, but I notice you only yelp if you see the needle coming. Wei Wuxian fakes it better.”

Lounging against the wall beside the doorway, her usual problem cultivator straightened, forcing exhaustion away. “Hey!”

“F-fakes it?” Nie Huaisang swallowed, hands trembling against pine-green silk, eyes moist and devastated. In another moment there’d be tears.

Like the sweet brat of a younger brother he was, Wen Ning patted the shoulder that didn’t have needles in it. “It’s all right. Most healers won’t notice. They don’t watch their patients that closely.”

For a moment, disbelief warred with the weepiness on Nie Huaisang’s face. His whole body twitched, like an offended cat.

…Though that could have been the needles. Maybe.

With trained strength of will, Wen Qing kept a straight face. “Well, they should.” She eyed her patient, and the burlier Nie Zonghui who’d be her second patient. Cousin Renshu and the rest of her brother’s mice could stabilize Valdemarans long enough for her to get to them later. These two had tangled with a near-waterborne abyss, then been yanked through Wei Wuxian’s extremely experimental set of transport arrays by main force. And unlike Lan Wangji, they didn’t have a horse-shaped guardian spirit chiming away resentful energy with every hoof-beat. They had to be her first priority.

Normally her first would be Wei Wuxian, but she trusted him to tell her if he’d done anything else new, spectacular, and horribly ill-advised with resentful energy. And she trusted Wen Ning to tell her if Wei Wuxian was too tired to realize how out of it he was. So their ghost-path cultivator could come second. This time.

9 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Triage

  1. Huaisang has been seen and perceived by to many people on this trip and he does not like it😆

    Except Mina of course but I don’t think he’s quite over that shock yet💘

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  2. It is entirely possible that he is genuinely scared of needles, but it’s mostly psychological rather than a reaction to pain.

    It’s a common mistake to assume that a person deliberately using a trait is faking it.
    They can use real traits too!

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  3. Wen Qing “now normally my 2 children would be my priority because they are my 2 children but …” -is referring to 2 whole adult men.

    I love how Wen Qing is the adult in every room she walks into. However I’m sure the lady wants a vacation or atleast a day where she can declare “not my circus”

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