A Few Plotbunny Bits

Hectic day, so have a few random bits from toothy isekai plot-monsters.

Hey, the Imjin War was named that because it was the year of the black (water) dragon; what if Hideyoshi roped in a real dragon? Which may have been defeated, or just decided the war wasn’t fun anymore, but may well not be dead… yep, think I know what took down an airplane.

Huh, why did I request a book on Marco Polo off paperbackswap.com…. Ooo. Ooo. My isekai timeline diverges from real-life history post 1264, and Marco Polo made his trip to Kublai Khan after that, I have a place to dig into interesting backstory….

Fun detail you may not be aware of: Kublai Khan indirectly ruled Korea (at that point in time, the Goryeo dynasty). And part of the turning points post-magical mess I’d already decided on meant Yi Seong-gye or his associates made choices that grabbed back part of Manchuria, so there would be more contact with the Mongols, and later Jurchens, than historically happened….

Stuff to chew on!

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