On Characters: A Few Favorite Things

What would your characters really rather not do without? Not life-preserving things or weapons. Just something that to them is nice to have, and makes them feel better.

I’m not sure of all the favorite things Jason will eventually find, but one of the first is the leopard-spotted fleece throw he had stashed in his luggage. Because it’s soft and snuggly and warm. It gets cold in the mountains. The chakho barracks aren’t at extreme high elevation, but it’s cold. Especially if you came from the South. Snuggly-warm is a necessity.

Jue Chin-Sun’s favorite things include desert garnets and some of the newest works on acupuncture. How she got her hands on Heo Im’s notes, she’s not telling. But oh, the possibilities for treating all the many insane ailments and injuries chakho are prone to, fighting magic-tainted creatures. As for the garnets – desert stones are as far from the sea as you can get, and they’re hard, red, and sparkly. Which is a completely different effect from the luminescent shine of pearls or the shimmer of scales, and Chin-Sun appreciates the difference.

Sparkly is also a quality Chae appreciates in one of her favorite things; special inks she uses for notes, talismans, and arrays. They’re pretty, unusual, and add a certain chaotic element to the energies she works with. Chae has the training to compensate for that. Other people, not so much. She has a vested interest in other people not messing with her very finicky space-hopping spellcraft. Also Chae loves the colors of the sky, and decorates her rooms with hung silken pieces in every shade and brightness she’s drawn down from the aether.

(If you’re thinking of a certain color theory post on Tumblr – yes, that’s a good image.)

Kwan Ha-Neul loves women. No, drag your mind out of that gutter, he loves women being women. In the traditional fashion; looking after children, cooking, weaving, laughing at the end of a long day. He’ll probably make a great (and fierce!) father when he finally settles down. Until then he does enjoy nights out at taverns with the ladies, and doing odd jobs like getting herbs and trinkets for any lady who works around the barracks. Or anywhere they travel to. So many wonderful ladies, so little time….

(Yes, Chae confuses him. He’s not sure if he should treat her as a lady his age, or as a terrifying grandmother who just happens to also be combat capable.)

Lee Cheong loves poetry, which scholars are supposed to. He also loves singing. There are many things he doesn’t like about becoming a vampire, but the unexpected side effect of understanding multiple languages means he can now understand the songs of many nations.

He may be developing a taste for Sabaton. That is entirely Jason’s fault.

What are some of your characters’ favorite things?


16 thoughts on “On Characters: A Few Favorite Things

  1. So the question is, is it a leopard pattern sheep fleece, or an actual leopard hide?

    And either way, what do the Demon Hunters, who have experience in exotic monsters, think about it?

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  2. Oh gosh Lee Cheong and Sabaton – YES. (And I’m now wondering what his favorite song would be. I’m kind of in favor of Attack of the Dead Men for the sheer humor of the irony.)

    One of my characters likes wearing her thigh-length hair down. Which unfortunately gets in the way of the much more practical needs of her current lifestyle. I’m playing with it a bit to show 1) that she’s too stubborn to cut it and finds workaround hairstyles and 2) how the story events are slowly wearing her down as she goes longer and longer without it being a possibly. *Evil grin*

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  3. Fleur’s favorite things? Hmm… Well, there’s this really warm blanket for her mount, the one that goes under the saddle, that her grandmother made specifically for her. Then there is her mother’s recipe for hot chocolate that she’s memorized…

    And since her home is perpetually cold… she’s got a very warm woolen fleece blanket at the end of her bed in her apartment that she takes everywhere.

    As for the other characters in the story? I still need to think about them. Fleur is the most developed because she was the first character I came up with.

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  4. My MC is into animal husbandry. Exotic fish to be exact. They’ve been known to travel quite a ways, and dive pretty deeply to get wild caught specimens. Another has a yo yo that was hand carved. All of them have hand made blankets, mainly because my MC makes them for everyone, and they’re sentimental about them.

    The interesting thing about the fish is that most of them are pretty small, so fairly easy to move if needed. Guppies, Bettas, Apistogramma, Julidochromis, Multies, Kribensis and other small easy to care for fish. Along with other exotic pets that can be kept in a 20g fish tank.

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  5. I was looking for a native source of caffeine since zombies kind of put a crimp in importing tea and coffee and found Yaupon or Cassina tea. I’m thinking the one who introduces it to the group is one of the local OC gargoyles who literally picked Cassina as her name.

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  6. Meanwhile, the main character of the main work I’m working on has no favorite things because he has no things, owing to having lost them all.


    1. Hmmm — one of the other works, the heroine loves her enchanted boat, which her parents left to her, and which is vital to her work — and in another, the heroine loves her paints.


  7. Favorite thing for my space trucker?

    What he calls “matcha cream,” we’d describe as sweetened, condensed milk that’s green from very strong tea, and everyone else over the age of about 7 calls absolutely disgusting.

    He needs a lot of calories. It has a lot of calories. (roughly a thousand a pack…which anyone sane might just add to tea with milk to make a royal milk tea…)

    Plus, it’s something for him to do with his hands, and gives him an excuse to offer people tea, which puts them at ease.


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