Isekai Anime Dreams

Author’s note: This may be a Bad Idea. But… when your usually non-visual brain hits you with visuals, what the heck. I’m open to other music suggestions but currently the “placeholder” music in my head for this is I Want My Tears Back, by Nightwish.

Open with: A passenger airplane flying through a thunderstorm. Lightning flickers as the view closes in on the faces of passengers; many nationalities, tired business travelers, regular people. Focus on an older blond man with graying hair (Jason Finn) reading a history of Korea. In the background across the aisle is a redheaded teenager (Mary Hartman) with her parents.

Lightning flash! The airplane lurches right, as gigantic black talons punch through the hull. People scream as chaos breaks loose in the cabin; oxygen masks, falling luggage, people tossed across the cabin. Jason grabs a stewardess’ hand, holds a moment – then she’s torn away, as the rolling beverage cart takes him out from behind. Cut to the airplane angling through the sky, falling, something large and lost in darkness atop it; a hint of horns, a flash of teeth, the shadow of massive membraned wings.

Silhouette of bodies falling through dark water. As they sink, the background colors fade from dark to red, bloody water. Air bubbles up, as Jason struggles up through the water, hanging onto Mary, hand reaching desperately upward….

A dark-robed arm plunges into the water from above. A strong hand reaches down, and pulls.

The pair surface and clamber to a wrecked wooden hull… in the middle of a violent fight, men in hanbok and tiger-hunter’s garb clashing with shark-toothed pirates. Their rescuer (Lee Cheong) whirls away, his geom (Korean sword) blocking a pirate’s dao (Chinese saber), as a sky-haired mage (Chae) in midnight-blue hanfu slashes her jian (Chinese straight sword) to create a pentagram portal for their escape-

Cut to a clip of each character doing What They Do Best. Each is a day/night shot.

A bookseller in daylight, hair bound back in a simple topknot, climbing the streets with a pack of books. By night a midnight-robed mage with guan, star-sword glowing against a samdugumi, a distorted regenerating fox-monster. (Chae.)

A lady healer in the infirmary in traditional hanbok, by night a silk-shirted mermaid leaping from the waves, throwing needles against a six-faced corrupted monster that used to be a dolphin. (Jue Chin-Sun.)

A tall, charming rogue in common cotton clothes in a tavern brawl by day, by night a cool sniper facing a demon tiger with matchlock, ropes – and pit trap opening dramatically as the tiger charges. (Kwan Ha-Nuel.)

A sunset shot, jiangshi surrounding a tall scholar in robes with earrings of glittering gold and silken tassels, drawing his sword and taking off dark glasses as his eyes glow red. (Lee Cheong.)

Followed by a short sequence of Jason shooting. Daylight, Jason is out at a target range fitting his arrow onto the string with slightly shaking hands. The camera pulls away as the scene turns to sunset, showing him in full draw, pale-faced but calm – then the arrow released. Sky goes to night, with the focus on the arrowhead that bursts into blue flames in flight – the whole time-lapse happening in one arrow shot.

Fade to a dawn shot of the demon-callers looking down on the city of Hanyang (modern times Seoul); Lee Cheong turns to beckon Jason with bow and Mary (in hanbok with ghost-hawk) to join them.

Shadows rise, an obvious and multi-monstered demon horde… Dramatic pose, with Lee Cheong displaying qilin badge. Roll ep!


The view from the fortress wall, of Seoul below? That’s the picture in my head, of where the demon-hunters are looking….

Also note the qilin was not just the “eastern unicorn”, but in nations that had Confucian traditions it was used as a symbol by trustworthy soldiers and wise judges; the implication being that the bearer, like the qilin, would be harmless to the innocent, yet destroy evil.


44 thoughts on “Isekai Anime Dreams

    1. I have the same dichotomy. Images of the entire fic will play in my head unprompted, but sitting down and writing it all out without losing momentum is hard. Music that fits the vibe of the visuals does help I’ve found… as does writing things as they come rather than in narrative order. Having some things on paper helps me play connect-the-dots later with words to get a fic finished.

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  1. That sounds cool! I’d watch it. Also, is that aWestern dragon or an Eastern? It does effect my visuals, but mostly asking for Lore Implications and maybe the locals might have an Outside System problem as well as sudden time/dimension travelers.

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    1. *G* Ah, you noticed!

      The locals have several problems, the Black Dragon that showed up allied with the Japanese during the Imjin War being one of them. (Granted, one of the bigger ones.)

      They were hoping they’d finally injured it badly enough to die in 1598. It didn’t; just holed up and slept for a few decades to heal. Chae in particular is going to be very put out. Grumpy Heavenly cultivator/aether mage.

      …Everyone else is going to be running and screaming too much to look at her funny. At least at first.

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  2. Nothing wrong with having “I Want My Tears Back” as an intro theme. It’s a very good song and quite helpful (says the person who only stops playing it occasionally since you posted an AMV for it). I would watch a show with that song playing in the opening sequence for sure.

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    1. Now I’m confused. I translated the swords, because they’re very different swords in appearance. The samdugumi doesn’t even have an equivalent anywhere else that I’ve found; both the Chinese and Japanese note that there are good/ neutral fox spirits and evil ones, but they don’t have a “monster that used to be a fox spirit but gave up its source of power for twisted immortal life”.

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      1. I think the fox spirits were kind of limited. There are Chinese stories about their trying to pose as sages and being unmasked by real sages because they couldn’t match the real sage’s ability and knowledge.

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    1. Thank you! I just hope I can write something that lives up to it…

      Right now I’m trying to finish one more scene for Long Road so I can have that out of my head. I think if that’s not jammed in the gears, so to speak, I’ll be able to get the creaky bunnies moving on the isekai.

      (Working title for the story was To Steal the Night, which doesn’t seem to fit anymore. Series working title is Colors of Another Sky, which at least seems to still fit….)

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      1. That feeling is what will get me to writing Gen fic for some fandoms… I want to read Gen fic and no one writes any… which means the people who want Gen fic will probably be very glad someone is writing more of it.

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