Short Bit: Pieces of Starlight

When it comes to putting together world and character ideas… well, I suspect parts of my brain resemble a sunlit Addams family attic. You know, “Uncle Knicknack’s winter wardrobe. Uncle Knicknack’s summer wardrobe. Uncle Knicknack….” Continue reading


Worldbuilding: When a Timeline Gives You Lemons…

Okay, this may be just me, but I think that if you’re writing an alternate history and need a place for your setting, you should either pick one you can get detailed maps/floorplans for, or pick one where you can get general info and make up the rest without tripping over any known facts. In that vein, I was looking at the history of Seoul for my alternate-history-Joseon idea, so I can try to place where the demon-hunters would have a good spot for a headquarters. Continue reading