A Day for Sabaton

Yesterday was A Day. Too many screaming kids… so concentration there was none. I put together a music post instead of stuff that might inspire.

AMV Gloria Fortis Miles

Kabaneri. Awesome.

Aces In Exile – (Toaru Hikuushi E No Tsuioku)

SF wings in the sky!

Mulan || Lady of the Dark – Sabaton

She so fits this story.

GATE AMV – Sabaton Light in The Black v2

Does what we do matter? Yes, yes it does.

SABATON Coat of Arms amv halo legends

Eeep, but a neat portrayal of infiltration missions.

Sabaton – The Red Baron (Subtitles)

The movie bits really make the vid sing.


4 thoughts on “A Day for Sabaton

  1. YES!!! Someone else noticed how “Lady In the Dark” parallels Mulan’s story! Whoo-hoo!!!!

    Thanks for the vids, Crossover! Never underestimate the power of AMVs to inspire. “A single grain of rice can tip the balance” and give one an idea. You never know! 😀

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  2. …By strange coincidence, I had a copy of that AMV of Aces in Exile–different uploader, judging from the video you link to being posted only two years ago–playing when I first read your Change of Fate. Now it just doesn’t feel right to read that fic without that song playing.

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  3. Well if you’re in a Sabaton mode I have a few more recommendations for the pile.

    Star Wars: Galactic Empire Tribute – [Sabaton – Stormtroopers]
    For all we make jokes about SW stormtroopers, they’re no pushovers when dealing with opponents that aren’t Jedi/have plot armor.

    UNSC Marines GMV (Sabaton: Devil Dogs)
    Because the UNSC is more than just the Spartans.

    Girls Und Panzer – AMV – Sabaton – Steel Commanders
    What can I say? Some anime are just made for certain songs.

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