A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Healers are Scary

Talia raised a hand to mock-shield her whisper. “I thought it was just the ones we trained in Haven. Do all Healers learn to be this scary?”

“I think it has to do with how badly their patients get hurt,” Wei Wuxian inked another line, eyebrows scrunched in concentration. “And how scary their patients are. When someone like Nie Mingjue gets a gut-deep slash and tells you he’s going back to the front lines anyway, you have to sit on him and mean it.”

Mid-mutter with Crathach, Wen Qing stopped. Turned, to give Wei Wuxian a gimlet eye. “Say that again.”

The cultivator blinked. “Er… when someone like Nie Mingjue-”

“You have to sit on them.” Crathach’s smile was slow, but sharp. “We have to hold the poisonous energies back.”

“Either get the sabers to circulate their energy through an array that mimics how Wei Wuxian calms it, or vent it off somehow,” Wen Qing finished. “Before it can hit Nie meridians.” She stared into the distance, and breathed out slowly. “We can do that. It won’t be easy; we’ll need jade, gold, or sword-steel to hold the energy in a stable form. And it’s going to have to be personalized to each cultivator, at least until we work out the best solution. That is going to take blood arrays.”

She said that on purpose, Talia realized, feeling Wei Wuxian’s flare of worry, Wen Qing’s determination as she eyed the two from Valdemar.

Crathach said nothing, emotions cloaked by his shields. Only nodded.

Wen Qing grimaced. “But even if we stabilize them, and make saber cultivation safer, it won’t fix the damage already done.”

“And that, is why I am here,” Crathach stated. “If resentful energy affects the body, then it must leave physical injuries. Even in the mind. When it comes to paranoia and delusions, so long as the patient is mostly sane, MindHealers should be able to either mend the damage or teach the mind to route around it.” He hesitated, then met Wei Wuxian’s gaze. “If it is truly bad, he might always have a temper problem….”

“I think I can vouch for the whole Nie sect when I say they’ll take their sect leader alive and sane, temper or not.”


21 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Healers are Scary

  1. Bold of you to assume the Niè in general don’t have tempers. Even Niè Huaisang has a temper, it just burns low and slow, like a ground fire. Thankfully no one has pokes it yet.

    Man, I wonder how many times Wei Wuxian was the one to sit on Niè Mingjue to get him to hold still long enough for his insides to knit together?

    I love Wei Wuxian’s whole attitude being “of course Healers are scary, look who they have to bully and when!”

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      1. Well, yeah, probably. The thing is, when I think of coal mine fires I tend to think of the Mouth of Hell, burning since 1971. It’s not exactly subtle. Also, he seems to have let his grudge die once his revenge was achieved. And yes, I do think part of his revenge is never telling Lan Xichen whether or not Jin Guangyao really moved.

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      2. So the thing is? JGY never denied that he moved. He denied that he had drawn a weapon, but this guy had proven that he could hide weapons very well (see, hiding a guqin string in his arm), was fast, and was a master manipulator and consummate liar. Take everything this man says with an entire mine of salt.

        And NHS knows this full well and knows how JGY operates better than anyone else. He didn’t tell LXC that JGY was attacking, he said to watch out, then later said that he saw JGY move.

        Essentially, he called fire when he only saw smoke, not flames.

        And the only reason LXC reacted by stabbing JGY is because JGY spent the entire time at the temple trying to manipulate everyone there (barring WWX, who JGY can’t manipulate) into letting him go/let their guards down, and threatened the lives of LXC’s brother’s love and his nephew who LXC absolutely knows and cares for, given he visited JGY a lot.

        JGY destroyed any trust LXC had in him, and then NHS called fire. JGY hadn’t drawn a weapon, but if NHS hadn’t warned LXC preemptively, he likely would have. And then it would be too late.

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      3. I’m not denying that. I’m saying it’s also fully within Niè Huaisang’s everything to never clarify so that Lan Xichen spends the rest of his life agonizing over whether or not Jin Guangyao was a threat to him.

        Personally, I think most probably so. And I think it was very reasonable of Niè Huaisang to call watch out. It’s also pretty telling that Lan Xichen took that and subconsciously reacted defensively. As to if he admits to that…

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      1. Oof. That so describes (for me at least) the major issue with trying to operate an honor (reputation) based society long-term. That disconnect between “this is my character” and “that is my reputation” can be… Well, let’s ask His Lordship the Count Aral Vokosigan, the Butcher of Komarr:

        (excerpted from Miles in Love, “A Civil Campaign”, Chapter 15)

        …and while it may be irritating to know yourself honorable yet have a horrible reputation, it can also grind at you in a way that, in my opinion, is even worse long-term.

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  2. Of course WQ is terrifying, she sits on WWX, self-sacrificing genius extraordinaire! The genius makes it worse, because he can rationalize and argue convincingly on why he should be up and running around after he got gutted.

    NMJ keeping his temper wouldn’t cause any issues, he’s already good at managing it when he’s not being poisoned to death by rage. He successfully lead a war, after all. Can’t do that without being able to think things through!

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    1. “Why is there a keychain attached to the pommel of my saber?”

      “It’s to mitigate the resentful energies.”

      “Right…. so why is it a Hello Kitty keychain!?”

      “It needed the positive energies!”

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      1. Did you just justify why this setting could parallel develop one of the elements in the technology of Keyblades?

        Because my bunnies just went “surprise Kingdom Hearts crossover.”

        I probably just need to sleep more.

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