Earring Tales: Krystallos

Wow, it’s taken a few weeks to scrape together the spare time for these….

So. Yeah. Winter earrings. Seemed like a much better idea when I started them, it wasn’t quite this cold….

To be honest about halfway through I was worried about being able to finish them. I have – I counted – 9 silver beads left. That’s it. Budget being what it is, I haven’t ordered new beads in… oof, several months, at least. I was going through my entire stash for more silver beads, and then for anything that could be close enough if I ran short. Fortunately, I squeaked under the wire.

Photographs did not do the sheer wintery glitter justice, darn it. I suspect the camera filtered out the “glare”. *Headdesk*

But they’re done! Going to do warmer colors next time….

Krystallos beaded earrings.


5 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Krystallos

  1. So pretty! Yeah, getting true to life pictures can be hard. Witness, the number of times my pictures are three shades brighter than the actual color. It’s not important, except when I’m trying to long distance coordinate yarn colors in a pattern. I’m always in awe of how true to life your pictures are with their colors.

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  2. One of the olden days Japanese fashion ideas was to always have your kimono pattern just slightly ahead of the half-season, or the month, that you were chronologically in. It was supposedly refreshing to make other people think ahead.

    Of course, it was probably also a subtle dominance move. And if you were too far ahead, people would reject your move as gauche. And Christmas stores in August is definitely too far ahead.

    But sometimes it is cheerful to think ahead.

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