Earring Tales: Cherry Blossom Festival

I wanted a touch more color this time.

So… silver-lined rose with coral and luster white silk? Why not?

For some reason I thought it would be a bit higher-contrast than it turned out. Your regular reminder that the color of beads together in a pile is not the same impression as they give strung!

I think it’s good for Valentine’s, though. And cherry blossom viewing.

Cherry Blossom Festival earrings.

…In other news, dentist argh, world why….


7 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Cherry Blossom Festival

  1. As someone who thanks to getting a job with dental insurance last year, finally got both a root canal and an extraction and implant done, I very much sympathize with the dental pain. Best of luck there.

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    1. They’re both fine for me, but I’ve heard some horror stories about people clicking on ads Etsy puts on our pages, and that charging sellers. Ugh.

      Plus for some reason the diamond-shaped ones seem to sell faster on eBay, so I generally post those on eBay first, where there’s no listing fee.

      Edit: I did just sell a bunch of dangly drop earrings on Etsy, though. Thank goodness, that’ll defray part of the dentist bill….

      Let me know if one site would work better for you than the other!


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