Earring Tales: Dragonfly Dreams

Okay, now you guys get to see the earrings that gave me such a headache….


Tiny. Aggravating. Bugle beads. Augh.

Also the combo of Toho-size 11/0 beads (the gold-lined aqua) and Delica-size 11/0 beads (almost everything else) seems to have left the dangles vulnerable to not being quite drawn up tight; I had to fix a dangle in the second earring as well.

But everything is fixed and structurally sound, even if many mental Bad Words were uttered. Whew.

The color combo really reminds me of dragonflies, irises, and water gardens. I like it.

…But I think if someone else wanted another pair of earrings with these bugles, I’d put in a different color next to the base row in the dangles, in Delica-size beads, just to make the whole thing come together easier!

Dragonfly DreamsĀ  earrings.

Cherry Blossom Festival earrings.


5 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Dragonfly Dreams

  1. …those sea-green bugle beads look *very* familiar. I swear i’ve seen them before, i think in an embroidery pattern? Maybe that’s why they’re such a pain for jewelry? The earings came out really pretty, if that’s any consolation…

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