Path of Lava Crossover Ficbit – Healing

“Our enemies are not vampires. They can be dealt with.” Violet chilled slightly. “One way, or another.”

“You’re a big brother!” Ayame thumped into the redhead’s leg, wrapping her arms around his knee. Blinked up at him. “But you have red hair!”

“Pretty red,” Suzume nodded.

“Hai – well – no one quite knows how that happened, Ayame-chan,” the wanderer said sheepishly. “Though this one’s shishou once said it was possible one of the Fianna Kinfolk was lost in Japan, centuries ago….” He lifted his head. “I think your grandfather is here.”


The gray-haired doctor caught one girl at a time, sniffing the air appreciatively. “My, my; is that breakfast?”

Hungry. And smiling. It can’t be that bad, Kaoru told herself. He wouldn’t be smiling if he’d lost Tae. He wouldn’t.

“She’ll be all right, Kaoru,” Dr. Gensai said quietly, taking the bowl she offered. “Tae’s a very stubborn girl, and she’s paid attention to what you taught her. She dodged the worst of it. I had quite a bit of stitching to do, but there shouldn’t be any permanent damage. Still, mind she takes it easy in your classes for the next week.” He sighed. “I’d charge her idiot brother twice the usual fee, if I didn’t know he’d take it right out of Akabeko.” Taking a deep, lingering breath of soup steam, he applied himself to the meal.

Damn them. Damn them all. Kaoru’s fingers itched for her bokken. Calm. Control. The angry fighter has already lost.

She knew that. But still, she wanted to hurt something.

“Well!” With a last slurp, Dr. Gensai set his dishes aside. “Let’s see what I can do for you, hmm?”

“It’s not that bad,” Kaoru protested, robe off her shoulder as he started unwinding the green-tinged bandage. “Really, it’s… not?”

Three thin white scars traced claw-tracks from her shoulder almost to her elbow. But the flesh itself was whole. Healthy.

Gensai let out a soft whistle. “Do you want a job, young man?”

“One will certainly consider it, Gensai-sensei,” the wanderer nodded shyly. “But for now – there are other concerns.”


15 thoughts on “Path of Lava Crossover Ficbit – Healing

  1. i been wondering how fitting it would be if this time, sanosuke would be a Hunter, rather then kinfolk or fera…
    and a somewhat successful one at that, who killed both werewolves and vampires before.

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    1. With that huge Zanbato he uses before Kenshin breaks it.

      “They’re dead.”

      “How did they die? Blessed silver? A stake? Magic?”

      “They were cut in half by a gigantic slab of metal.”

      “…that works?”

      “I can’t really think of anything that wouldn’t work on.”

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  2. “Green-tinged bandage”… okay, for a short moment, that had my brain Going Places… but I’m guessing Kenshin threw together some kind of herbal poultice, maybe with a bit of magic enhancement.

    But, healing overnight? Even for a plain-vanilla wound, that’d be damn near incredible. For a wound inflicted by a Garou, I assume it’s even more so. Small wonder that Gensai’s reaction is “Adopt!/Hire Apprentice!/Marry to– dangit, my granddaughters are too young, okay, Marry To Kaoru!”

    Strange, how many people want to nail the rurouni’s feet to the floor… 😛

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    1. Garou inflict Aggravated Wounds. Basically, vampires need to feed in order to heal, they can’t heal it normally, and humans usually need an ER. Kinfolk are tougher than human, canon they heal twice as fast as a normal mortal, but… yeah, this is Really Good Healing.

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  3. There are cetain issues if Kenshin has kids with anyone. If they pop out as Kin, things are fine. If he has children with Karou and they turn out as Garou (no mixes, children if Fera are of the type of one parent or the other), things are still fine. Well Kenshin will have to do some Vamp clearing because they won’t let Garou set up in ‘their’ town.

    If the child is of Kenshin’s Fera? Chances are high one of them will die when or soon after the child is born.

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    1. There is a small but real chance both parents can survive, dice-wise. Kenshin knows enough magic and odd stuff he can up those chances….

      Although doing so might mean a lot of other things die instead. Hey, find a Wyrm nest, wreak havoc….

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      1. A curious Nuwisha tells Kenshin about the local Vamp court trying to break them up with suggestions on how to make the resulting chaos hilarious…

        Since I can’t directly reply to the reply on the video? The over the top is partially Robot Chicken’s style. And the part with the GM at the end feels like the end of a long argument. Basically the player goes “I reduce him to chunky salsa with my minigun.” “No silver bullet he’s dead.” Then goes on to lighting the remains on fire, etc. And each time the GM has the same reply as the end.

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