Earring Tales: Gleam of Green

Did someone say green?

Sometimes I’m just going through my stuff in general, find a component, and try to build a color array that uses them well. In this case, the odd opalescent Swarovski crystals.


This didn’t come out how I pictured it in my head. Granted, it usually doesn’t, but Woodland Sunshine came out a lot closer. I intended for the crystals to show off a lot more…. I wonder if I should have gone for paler bugles. Not that I have many paler besides pale blue, silver, and white. Still.

Anyone have any suggestions on what would emphasize the crystals more?

Gleam of Green beaded earrings.


4 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Gleam of Green

  1. Huh. I like the earrings as they are, but if you want to accent the crystals… possibly a gold or yellow for the bugles? The crystals look more on the yellow end of green in the photo, so it might pick them up more. And if you want the green in the crystals to pop, you’d probably want less green in the rest of the earring…

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  2. They’re so pretty! If you make any changes, the large light green beads at the ends of the dangles might work better if they were a darker or more vibrant shade of green. Or copper to match the tiny beads on either side of them.

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