Path of Lava Crossover Ficbit – Snare and Deadfall

“Did you get the iodine, Kaoru-dono?”

“I’ve got some in the first-aid kit; not as much as you wrote down, though. Some ammonia, and buckets, but… cheesecloth?” Kaoru said doubtfully, lowering her hands. “What exactly are you planning to make?”

“Deterrents to dishonor.”

She gave him a look.

“Nitrogen triiodide,” Kenshin filled in. “It is something one learned from friends in a… difficult line of work.”

Kaoru stopped cold. “Please tell me you’re not making explosives in my kitchen,” she said faintly.

“No, outside is far better,” Kenshin nodded. “It is very stable,” he hastened to add. “So long as it is wet.”

She made an odd sort of strangled noise. “And when it’s not wet?”

“One walks very carefully.”


“Cheesecloth would be very helpful, Kaoru-dono.”

Kaoru planted fists on her hips. “We are not taking them out before they even get to the dojo.”

True. Pity. “The path to the dojo will remain untampered-with,” Kenshin agreed. “Those who choose to enter honorably may.” He let his smile take on just a hint of edge. “Those who do not, should consider themselves fortunate we are not Nezumi.”

Her nose wrinkled. “Ugh.”

Kenshin shrugged. “The rat-folk have their own honor, even if they are less than gentle with ours. And recall that the Get may not be our only enemies this night.”

Dark brows went up.

“Detective Kohanek’s partner is one of the risen dead,” Kenshin reminded her. “Most likely Kin-jin and not Kuei-jin, or Uramura-san would need more precautions to hold his ground in the department. But dangerous nonetheless. Should he or others of his kind choose to intrude, or even prowl near, while our enemy’s pack attacks….”

Kaoru visibly thought that over, and groaned. “So, the Kamiya’s Wyrm allies have arrived,” she stated, mimicking a Get’s near-human growl. “We shall slay them all, and so honor Gaia!” She sighed, voice returning to normal. “That would be my luck.” She spread exasperated hands. “I swear, my parents told me I was born under auspicious stars!”

Kenshin’s smile widened as he inclined his head toward the turned earth near the fence. “Hence our precautions.”

“Sneaky,” Kaoru muttered. “Are you sure you’re Hakken?”

Kenshin blinked innocently at her. “Cheesecloth? And given you wish to injure as few as possible… perhaps a net?”

14 thoughts on “Path of Lava Crossover Ficbit – Snare and Deadfall

  1. I’m wondering if Yahiko is Get in this verse, or ‘just’ Kin like Kaoru

    Either way, Kenshin is bring honourable – as much as their attackers are.

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  2. “Auspicious” indicates success and/or prosperity. It says nothing about taking the most dramatic path between A and B.

    Interesting that Karou recognizes Kenshin is cooking up explosives just from the name. Though I’m wondering if his “no, that’s dishonorable” traps would get a Nuwisha giggling. “Naughty Puppy.” *trap thwaps the Get like a rolled up newspaper to the nose*

    “If your opponent is of choleric temper, irritate him.” OTOH? A trap that will inconvenience a Garou enough to force them to come in the proper and untrapped path? Will be rather nasty to any Kin allies that trip one.

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      1. So pretty much if the cranky Get walks in and announces the challenge is human form arm wrestling, he walks out owning the place, but if he tries overwhelmed ambush, it is going to be one heck of a mess.

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  3. Hmm, i’m not overly familiar with the Non-Kenshin side of this crossover, but would something like pepper spray be helpful? I’d imaging were-creatures would be extremely hampered by something that attacks their enhanced senses, and it’s nonlethal. Don’t know if werewolf healing lets them ignore it or if attacking your opponents’ senses is more dishonorable than explosives, though. I imagine it would cause them less problems with law enforcement, however.

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