9 thoughts on “Path of Lava Chapter 2 up on AO3

  1. Ooo. Very cool. Going to have to read it tonight when I’ve got time.

    On a side note, are there any good references you’d recommend for making sure I understand the current lore of that universe? Got a character sticking in my head, and its been 20 years since I last read through the source books.

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      1. Ok cool. I’ll go digging through the wikis I can find to make sure I’ve got a good handle on the garou life cycle. I suspect for a Get to turn out truly contrary, they had some non-standard formative experiences. But how will likely hinge on how they’re identified before they go full on teeth and claw.

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  2. So, is the Hero in the Vision Yahiko, or Sano? 😛

    Yes, what *is* Julian planning? Because given Kenshin!Luck, everything will intersect at the same place/time and everything will end in fire.

    Leaving Kenshin standing in the gates of a strangely-intact Kamiya Dojo, surrounded by a couple blocks of nuclear-level devastation, blinkng innocently. “Oroops?”

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