Path of Lava Crossover Ficbit – No Smoking

“Cash.” Julian Luna, Prince of San Francisco and current possessor of a headache even one of Daedalus’ alchemical concoctions wouldn’t touch, parted the curtains over his study window just enough to let him glimpse the source of that suspicious neigh. “Would you care to explain this?”

“Um…” The Gangrel Primogen stole a peek out into deadly sunlight, watching a black stallion nip at his slightly smaller blood bay companion. “Looks like horses, Julian.”

“I can see that,” Julian said with fragile calm, silently cursing whatever bright mind among the New York Ventrue had come up with the idea to send Sarah Anne Winder west to San Francisco. The last thing he needed in the midst of the fragile peace was a pretty blonde Englishwoman twice his age as the new Ventrue Primogen. But Lillie liked her, and was frankly intrigued by her lithe Toreador bodyguard Miriam Caravaggio; as Lillie put it, anyone who made necessary deaths artistic had potential worth watching. And the rest of Ventrue had bowed before Winder’s undoubted power, almost the equal of Julian’s own – so, there she sat. Sweet, flirtatious, and cute as a button as she charmed her way through the latest Conclave, leaving even Daedalus smiling as she tried to parlay this Battousai incident into another Kindred crackdown on San Francisco’s Asian population….

God, he did not want to waste any more hours snarling about Winder. “Cash, why are there horses on my lawn?”

“They belong to your guests, Mr. Luna.” The young brunette now serving as his groundskeeper stepped into the study, frowning. A silver necklace glowed against the dark cream of her throat, brightening Maria Sanchez’ dark suit-dress as the Hispanic Ventrue granted her Prince a formal nod. “Two of us, from out of town. They rode up while you were out at the Haven, requesting permission to hunt in the city. I told them you probably wouldn’t be back until after dawn. They asked to wait; apparently they have a story to trade about this Lupine Battousai.” She glanced at Cash. “I’ve never met Japanese Gangrel before. They seem… calmer.” A corner of her lips turned up. “Though that could just be the cigarettes. I put them in the old smoking room so nothing would be damaged.”

Japanese Gangrel?” Cash stared.

Julian raised intrigued brows. “No one you know?”


19 thoughts on “Path of Lava Crossover Ficbit – No Smoking

  1. Is that…. Is that going to be a certain former metropolitan Tokyo police officer who used to be rival of Kenshin and officer of Shinsengumi?

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  2. Lolololololol!!!!!

    Oh man… the Kindred Saito goes by the name “Wolf of Meibu”. Well that’s not going to give anyone the wrong impression, is it?

    Although I suspect by the time Saito is done dealing with problems, a lot of people would be hard-pressed to find a lot of surface-level differences between him going at them and a garou…

    And I just realized that Saito still smokes… as a Kindred…. lololololol.

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    1. I doubt he minds the appellation overmuch. He’s a pragmatic sort. If his enemies assume they’ll be facing a werewolf and set their loadout accordingly, well, sucks to be them πŸ˜€

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    1. As I recall, the Asian version did not necessarily need to be embraced, merely sufficiently not done to will themselves back into existence.

      I always thought it would be interesting to run that type of vampire in a Western campaign, because in that context, clearly they are a vampire, but no-one is quite sure where they came from, where they belong or how they even work.

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