A Bit of Map Squee

This is not going to be a full book review of Korean History in Maps, edited by Michael D. Shin, because I just got it and have started flipping through it to read. It is going to be some gleeing instead. Because this is an example of a good worldbuilding source, with the kind of information you want to build a basic structure for your story setting. Continue reading


Worldbuilding: Secret Tunnel

…Ahem. Go ahead, keep humming, it fits. As you will see.

One of the useful things about alternate history for a writer (especially alternate history with magic) is that it lets you fudge a few things. Yes, still do all the research you can, but if there’s info you can’t get or that no one today knows, you can make your best (or most entertaining) guess and call it a day. This lets you maximize the neatness of the bits you do find, and make things shiny. Because reading is like being a magpie sometimes; I want that shiny bit and that one and that one…. Continue reading

Worldbuilding: A Problem Like Nurhaci

In retrospect I should have known the guy renowned as the founding ancestor of the Qing/Manchu Dynasty wouldn’t be put off by a few measly demon tigers. Further research (A Dragon’s Head and a Serpent’s Tail, by Kenneth M. Swope) dug up the fact that Nurhaci started raiding into Korea as early as 1609, which would have made him a preexisting problem for our heroes. Urgh. Gah. Snarl. Continue reading