If You’re Interested in Archives…

I just heard about this court case, figured I’d pass the news along in case it was of interest.

Full disclosure: I’ve never borrowed books from Archive.org. What I have checked out on their site is their very large section of archived old foreign shows. They have, among other things, about 80 eps of Unfettered Shogun. That is an awesome thing to have preserved. Continue reading


Worldbuilding: Ground Truths

Everyone has their own ideas of what they’d want to introduce to another world or time; everything from pizza, chocolate and shampoo to water filtration, basic sanitation, and vaccination. All of those are good things. But there are a few smaller things in particular I’d introduce to a place and time that didn’t have them, that most isekai or time travel books never notice. Specifically, steel-ground grain, information about vitamin C, and punctuation marks. Continue reading