Catch a Falling Star 2 Unfinished Ficbit – Nine-Tenths

“I don’t know a lot,” Tristan admitted. “I’m not sure Tetien ever knew too much about them. It was a high court problem. A temple problem, not-” he hesitated.

“Not a matter for the iretey new per-a’a,” Bakura said darkly. “So much for Pharaoh’s justice.” Continue reading


Catch a Falling Star 2 Unfinished Ficbit – Confidence

“Sleep, scribe. You are not in the presence of your enemies.”

A dark voice, warm and full of confidence as Jack at his best. Daniel felt himself relax into it, certain that whoever that was, the situation was under control….

No. Wait. We were doing something. Important.

It was like struggling up through an endless pit of feathers. Daniel felt his fingers twitch. Tried to pry one eye open.

Down the hall, a door closed.

Door. Kaiba’s door. We came up to look at the lay of the land while Sam and Teal’c checked out our room, saw a couple guys that set off Jack’s radar, ducked in here….

And then there had been a purple mist, and a giggle. And – a blank.

Steeling himself against the silky warmth of sleep, Daniel opened his eyes.

No strange scents in the air. No aching head, or nausea, or any of the myriad other unpleasant details that usually attended unexpected unconsciousness. Just an odd quiet on the floor… well, except for the snores next to him. “Jack!”


“Jack, wake up!”

“Not my watch yet,” came the garbled mumble.

I don’t believe this. Daniel got his shoulder under the grumbling colonel’s arm, hesitated just behind the ferns. If I go out there like this – no, wait, this is a good thing. Sort of. You’re at a convention, remember? Drunk and caffeine-wired people all over the place. Whoever those guys are, you’ll just look like two more of the civilians. Determined, he pushed past the plants.

And almost tripped over a snoring guy in a suit.

Jack slipping down his shoulder, Daniel hesitated. I should get out of here. I should-

Find out who these guys are.

A quick search snared the suit’s wallet. No ID? Daniel all but shook the cloth upside-down. Not even a driver’s license?

The sleeping man twitched. Snorted.

Leaving now, Daniel thought, dropping the wallet in the suit’s jacket pocket. One firm pull, and Jack was inside the elevator.