Count Taka – Cover Art acquired!


Cover art by Sam Schechter; Herringbonnes on DeviantArt. 🙂



Count Taka update – cover art and pagination

Herringbonnes says the color version of the cover art for Count Taka should be ready by the end of the week! *Happy dance.*

I spent a large part of this morning working on getting the final draft of Count Taka into manuscript form. At the moment I’ve got pages numbered, all the border space properly formatted including the gutter, and I’ve put in a rough draft of the title and copyright pages. (Copyright page won’t be technically finished until I get the Library of Congress Call Number to put on it, so that will stay a rough draft for a while.)

…Let me tell you a little about pagination. It’s not as simple as you might think.

After all, a conventionally formatted genre book doesn’t have page numbers on the title and copyright page! And since you need to submit the book draft to CreateSpace as all one PDF file, you can’t just break those 2 pages off and start page 1 in a second file. (Well, I suppose you could, but that would require being able to glue 2 PDFs together in one file and I don’t have the Adobe stuff to do that.) So you have to get Word to identify those 2 pages as a separate section, make it take out page numbering there, and only put page numbering in the second, main part of the text.

I have, scoured from the internet, instructions on how to do that. And I’ve now done it twice. After at least an hour of head-banging every time.

And I could not for the life of me tell you how I finally got it to work. *Sweatdrop* It did. That’s all I know.

All you Word experts out there feel free to giggle. *Wry G*

So. Long story short – I still need to finish tweaking where chapters fall on pages, get the cover art, put title and cover blurbs on, and maybe a few other things. I’m hoping to get this all set to get official proofs before the end of May. Once I have proofs to check over, (there always ends up something that needs fixing), I should be able to get paper and eBook versions out!

So… hopefully no later than mid-June. *Knocks on wood!*