Writing Characters: Of Soft Warm Blankets

Plush blankets are awesome. Maybe not right next to the skin, a cotton sheet is better, but a layer or two out? Warm, soft, fluffy; the next best thing to having a cat to snuggle in bed, but without the claws and staring eyes at oh-dark-hundred. To say nothing of the pounced toes. Continue reading


Nagi-Asu ficbit: Isolating Factors

A/N: This is waaaay away from being done, but thought people might enjoy the start.

Staring at his notes, Professor Satoru Mihashi rubbed the side of his head. “Are you saying that the harbor thawed – and we’ve possibly averted long-term climatic disaster – through the power of love?

Tsumugu shrugged.

“Well, why not?” Sayu hmphed, glancing just a little aside at Kaname. “Communication is important!Continue reading