Fanfic Bunny: Wei Wuxian in Velgarth idea

Plotbunnies. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em….

Chapter 16 of The Cursed Winter in the Friends Across Borders series starts off with an interesting bit about necromancers in Karse. My bunnies, the crossover fiends that they are, started cackling about dumping Wei Wuxian (“Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation”) into Velgarth. Continue reading

A Bit of an Urban Fantasy Superhero Plotbunny

Yes, my plotbunnies are careening into and out of ideas like spiders given caffeine. The past month has been… extremely stressful, even by my standards. So given the choice between banging my head against the wall and not writing anything, or jumping into new (or, as in Whispers, much older) stuff and getting something written each day, I’m taking the writing option. Even if that means leaving some current works-in-progress to sit until I’m feeling a little less, “oh man, lawyers and more Federal paperwork around every corner.”

(I now know how to order official death certificates. Which are needed for all kinds of paperwork. This is not something I ever wanted to know.)

So. Currently the plotbunnies want colorful! Fantastic! Awesome powers! World-shaking magic! Continue reading