Zen and the Art of Hot Peppers

Finally – finally! – roughed out that tricky scene in Seeds of Bloods last night, so I’m taking a break from the rough draft today. I’ll tackle it more tomorrow….

I find chilies are anti-depressant for two main reasons. First, they’re anti-inflammatory, and if you have reduced inflammation and pain you generally feel better. Second, and this is mental – one of the things that gets you trapped in a depressive spiral is if you can’t stop thinking about whatever’s bothering you.

And when you eat a stuffed jalapeno pepper, I assure you, there’s at least half a minute where you can think about nothing else but the burn.

Which, mentally, pushes a reset button on your brain. “What was I so worried about again? Oh, right….”

I originally found a variant of this recipe that used bacon and cream cheese. I didn’t want to use bacon, and cream cheese and I give each other suspicious looks. So I substituted mozzarella, and it worked just fine. Continue reading