River of Stars ch 10 bit – Ominous

A/N: Trying to get the bunnies back into the swing of this fic. They’re currently a bit on tenterhooks of “ack, when will we get LCCN for Taka, ack”, so writing is likely to be a little slow….

Jack flinched, glancing up from a three-quarters-written draft agreement at an unmistakable boom. “We’ve got trouble.” And I should have given Sha a radio, it’s not like the Goa’uld couldn’t take that tech apart from a half-dozen other places we’ve beenContinue reading


River of Stars Ch 10 bit – peaches

Standing in the sunlight in Kanzeon’s gardens, Goku inhaled, and grinned. “This way!”

“Damn it, Goku!” Sanzo was doing his best to keep up, but with the scent of peaches in his nose, Goku didn’t feel like slowing down. Besides, this was the Heavenly Palace; if Sanzo wasn’t safe here, he wasn’t safe anywhere. “If I have to handle weeping kami gardeners, I’m going to make you help them weed!” Continue reading

River of Stars Ch 10 bit – Goujun’s report

“So far as we know, Goku doesn’t remember what happened nine centuries ago. We think it’s a defensive measure, and he will remember, eventually. But until he does, we intend to avoid mentioning anything that might remind him of Konzen’s death.” Miaoshan had looked Jack straight in the eye. “Dragon-General Goujun wrote the reports on that incident. One for official eyes, in case our coup didn’t work and Kanzeon failed to hold the planet.” Continue reading