Whispers of Fire Ch6 bit – Negotiations

Maybe there’d been more than one reason Rashid had never asked for his ally’s help in finding Alibaba. However the boy had grown up before Rashid had taken him in, the mere fact that he’d survived it meant he probably had more brains than the pair of his elder brothers put together. Continue reading


Whispers of Fire Ch5 bit – circling conclusions

A/N: If there’s a known problem with a certain model of fridge, and something that sounds like said problem is reported, why are you not carrying the part?

Sigh. And Cassim probably still hates me. 😉

Cassim put down the pen before he splintered it. Sharpening quills was a pain.

My gang’s doing okay. That’s what’s important, right? And we’ve got coins and goods hoarded for when the plan goes up in smoke. Continue reading