Worldbuilding: About Those Mermaids

Okay, I now need to research maritime trade in Northeast Asia and beyond in the Little Ice Age period, because our heroes are going to have a lot to do with the water. Yes, land adventures are a go, but they’re also going to have to deal with mermaids, water monsters, and inevitable sea trips to go rescue people. (Not what I expected from the original idea, but… yeah.) Continue reading

Some Thoughts on Global Crisis, by Geoffrey Parker

I’m about halfway through this book. (It’s over 700 pages, not counting another about 150 of footnotes and bibliography, and info-dense enough it needs to be read in small doses.) But there’s a recurring pattern in the history here I thought people looking at current events might appreciate.

Never underestimate the ability of people in power to double down on stupid. Continue reading

Current Events: Writing Rewards

Like many of us, I am Very Disappointed in what comes out of Hollywood these days. So instead of turning on the TV I poke through YouTube for subtitled foreign shows with settings of interest and languages I’m trying to pick up bits of; generally Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. Which is how I stumbled onto a neat show from 1978, “The Yoshimune Chronicle: Abarenbo Shogun”. Continue reading

Indy Horror Movie Idea: The Ticket

Ran across a movie summary for The Ticket, which is apparently a thin-plotted drama about a blind guy regaining his sight (“like winning a lottery ticket”) and then getting caught up in the superficial things instead of the Important Things in Life. Reaction: “Bah. A title like that should be a horror movie set at an amusement park….”

Well. Why not a horror movie set at an amusement park? Continue reading

TV Series Review: Liu Yong Pursues the Case

I’m only about half through; there are 45 episodes total. But so far I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you’re looking for an older lead than most in a series that still has plenty of just-slightly-fantastic wushu action, definitely check this c-drama out!

Liu Yong himself is like what Lt. Columbo might have been like in the Qing Dynasty. And any character that successfully evokes the disheveled detective is worth watching. Continue reading