Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Dragons in the Sky

“My mom’s lookin’ after us.” Which was another careful edit of the truth. Mrs. Wheeler had agreed to look in on Ryou while she arranged her own move to Domino City, but as far as she was concerned Seto Kaiba was a nice, responsible young man Continue reading


Catch a Falling Star Unfinished Ficbit – Impressed

And they were out in a breath of late-afternoon quiet under a few spare trees, skirting an older couple who’d taken over a parasol-shaded table with Dueling mats and twin scowls of concentration. Tree, lousy statue, tree – bush! Great, just break eye contact a sec and we are so out of here-

“Ryou.” Daniel’s plea froze his buddy before they could bolt. “Please. Tell me what’s wrong.” Continue reading