Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Cleanup

A/N:  I’ll type up another post on Pensacon when I’ve had a little more rest. 🙂 But among other neat things I saw there was fanart by Miho. She was kind enough to tell me how to pack the prints to ship, so I may have presents for a few people…. For now, have some spooked Gojyo!

“Get clean, Sanzo says he’s got something to hide you and we might have to bug out of here in a hurry. I keep playing innocent lowlife criminal for the Guard patrols that sweep through here, but I don’t think they’re buying it.” Gojyo grimaced, eyes bloodshot. “From what Sanzo told me… well, I wouldn’t buy it either. Continue reading

Worldbuilding: Project Tatterdemalion AU backstory

Mind the tags. Nightmare Fuel is on here for a reason.

I’ve read the first two books in this series by Roger MacBride Allen, and there was one line that stood out to me from the setting. Someone’s wondering why humanity’s never found another alien species before this mess, and then realizes exactly why: “The Charonians had eaten them.”

The Arrancar species is very much based on that line.

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