Keygate Ficbit: Aeris Knows Everyone

Slender fingers touched Siler’s arm before he could yield to hysteria. “You need to sit down, and have some hot soup,” Aeris said firmly. “I’ll take care of your friends. Continue reading


Keygate: Traverse Town – KH ficbit

A/N: Bit of background here. A while back I wrote a large chunk of a Kingdom Hearts/Stargate cross, Keygate, which posited the Stargate ‘verse as yet another Story-world in the whole multiverse. I have 8 chapters of it, but did not get it finished, and it seriously needs a rewrite to fix some aspects. But I also wrote some backstory to it which I think can stand as its own fic, so… have some Leon being confused. 😉

This is a bad one.

Leon raced at and through small mobs of Heartless, Continue reading