Some random Sparklies

So… Sparklies.

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Crowdsourcing Crystals

I’ve been clearing out a bunch of stashes to clean up a house for sale, and here’s some of the latest stuff. I’ve tried, but I can’t seem to ID what these are called. So… have a look.

Black Diamond Triskele3

Anyone know what these are called?

Swarovski Crystal Findings Black Diamond Squares and Triskele

Jonquil Daggers5

Daggers can’t be the right term for these, but I don’t know what else will fit.

Crystal Cones5

…No idea how you’d use the cone-shaped ones.

Sapphire Two Loops2

I’m sure the two loops mean it’s for making necklaces or bracelets, but I don’t know what to call it.

Hyacinth Two Loops5

Likewise this one.

Siam Posts6

I think these are called posts?

Sapphire Sew Ons7

This last one I was able to find out what they are – they’re sew-ons, and there’s a hole through the back of the findings to pass a needle through. See below:

Sapphire Sew Ons6

There are. A lot of them. As in, I gave up counting after 1200 lot.

If anyone knows what any of these are officially called, or wants to take some off my hands – open to offers!

Swarovski Crystal Findings Sapphire Sew-Ons