A Long Road Chapter 15 Ficbit – Rest

Talia lifted her head from Rolan’s mane, blinking off melting shards of ice. Behind her air shifted as Companions surged to their feet; breath huffing, hooves ringing, steadying Alberich, Selenay, Daren, and so many others. Around her fear and shock was finally ebbing in the crowds, even as she tasted a hint of blood in the air from the injured, now being swarmed by Healers. Continue reading

Book Review: Everyday Life in Joseon-Era Korea

Everyday Life in Joseon-Era Korea: Economy and Society, edited by Michael D. Shin. I would rate this collection of essays by the Organization of Korean Historians as a solid 4.5 of 5 stars. With the caveat that if you’re not interested in this specific time period, this may not have anything of note for you. On the other hand, if you’re intrigued at the idea of seeing the entire schedule of a premodern agricultural year laid out, or takes on salt-making, trade guilds, and tax evasion, this will have interesting nuggets of info even if you couldn’t care less about Joseon or fantasy/historical dramas set there. Continue reading